2 Good 2 Bad

Been a while.


  • Just got something sorted at work that has been plaguing me for MONTHS
  • Feeling excited about a lot right now


  • Mega storm outside and I didn’t bring my brolly
  • Really fancy a McDonalds but should not have a McDonalds


  • it’s 4:45
  • bike tonight


  • sweaty hot
  • work is boring AF
  • lovely activities planned from Thurs-Sun including a friend’s gig, a BBQ and lunch with a friend who’s been away for two years
  • i live 200m from the beach and it’s beach weather for 18 hours a day at the moment


  • work really is a feast and a famine for me and it’s back to famine after a period of feast. could really do with a break from the freelance life
  • lil’ lonely. went clubbing on my own on saturday and hiking on my own on sunday (was actually good fun and i enjoy time alone, but still a lonely thing to reflect on)


  • on holiday this week
  • My gf has moved in!!


  • My gf has x3 the amount of stuff as a regular human
  • I forgot to tell my housemates we’re looking after some fish for a week so I’m in the shit


  • I’ve finished and off tomorrow
  • Glastonbury catch up tonight


  • Wedding admin is piling up and neither of us can be cba really
  • Still not feeling 100% after this bug


  • Toy Story 4 this week
  • Drinks planned for Independance Day


  • Work is dull af and will remain that way for a while
  • Regretting missing out on tickets for the Twilight Sad/Mogwai/Cure extraveganza in Glasgow

@AQOS I think you liked this literally as I pressed to post it :exploding_head:

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2 good

Evening innit
Listening to music on tube home

2 bad

I have chronic stomach pains
Indescribably tired

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Didn’t need to read it mate, your posts are of such a quality

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  • Had a good afternoon at work rearranging the fancy booze and making it look good

  • Tomorrow is my Friday


  • My back hurts

  • Tomorrow my really annoying colleague is back at work and there’s going to be loads to do and it’s going to be a nightmare



  • my attempts to lose some weight and generally eat less badly are going decently, stuck at it for a week at least which is alright by my standards
  • really liking F1 2019 so far, know what I’ll be playing when I get home…


  • work is such a waste of time at the moment. most useful thing I did today was change my password.
  • playing F1 2019 too much (and F1 2018 before it) is giving me blisters on the insides of my thumbs :grimacing:
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+ finished my job and have nothing lined up for the next 6 weeks (yet)
+ tacos for dinner tonight

- finished my job and have nothing lined up for the next 6 weeks (yet)
- have to pay HMRC loads of money by the end of july. FO, M’s

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  • just added @wileycat to my list of dis meats
  • going out for dinner and pub quiz with my old quiz team


  • bit hot for curry
  • bit hot in general

+ My daughter is three and a half weeks old and she is just the most wonderful little creature who I love so much it’s overwhelming
+ TV and I are a great parenting team

- I am profoundly tired. About to go for a nap between getting home from work and eating dinner
- Feel guilty about the bits of baby raising which are foisted necessarily on the TV and the fact I was only able to take 2 weeks of pseudo paternity leave



  • gerbils exist and they are precious and perfect
  • Tonbridge fixtures released on Wednesday, so I can plan my next year around them and get excited for groundhopping


  • I made a relatively small but major error with an email at work (the first time I’ve done it in hundreds of emails) and while it could have been quite literally hundreds of times worse in scale, the client is fucking livid, my friend is getting the blame even though it’s not her fault at all, and worst of all it’s something I’ve been trying to get them to outsource for months and they haven’t and even off the back of this they still won’t. Feel like shit.
  • my best mate sent a distressing message earlier so now I’m back on high risk alert



Well Monday is over
It’s July so summertime


Work is ridiculous and stressful
MrS is back in hospital today which is adding to the above stress and general knackeredness.

What flavour ice cream?!

Anything other than banana and/or coffee is the wrong answer FWIW

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Ok fair enough. I picked up some Hazelnut Spread M&Ms in the States last week… yet to try them but they sound magnificent

Edit: How dare you try to sneak a little banana ice cream diss in!!

I had mango and Malibu and daim bar crunch - do I have your approval?

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