2 Good n 2 Bad

:-1: Temporary filling fell out
:-1: Lots of stressy work this week

:+1: Dentists are reopening so might get a real filling!
:+1: Freezer full of delicious Chinese treats

:-1: haven’t played with Pumpkin for ages because I was ill last time I stayed with my parents and now lockdown :frowning:
:-1: having a bit of a block writing an article for work and having a lil bit of imposter syndrome

:+1: proper cleaned my room and did all my washing up and laundry last night so I feel very clean and tidy
:+1: still feel mega proud of my initiative in removing the carpet tape from the carpet yesterday, like I never can work out household stuff like that so to do it all by myself when the Amazon reviews made the situation look dire… feel very accomplished and independent.

:-1: Fucking stressed about getting cameras in me to check for cancer
:-1: Work at worst stress levels because we’ve officially hit the run to christmas

:+1: Got a band of some of my best friends together to get ready to go into the studio
:+1: been off the beers for 3 weeks and in the best shape of the year so far because of it



:-1: Staying home covid boredom has finally hit me and it’s hit me hard. Not bad considering i’ve been doing pretty well being unbored for 9 months.
:-1: Some friend business that’s causing me a tiny bit of anxiety (again)

:+1: Need to go buy some lunches which means something yummy could be on the cards
:+1: Got 3 days of work based workshop on teams which i’d usually dread but means I can get fully stuck into my cross stiching!


:-1: slipping back into bad habits that make my mh a lot worse, and I’m starting to feel that permanent sick in my stomach anxious feeling
:-1: looking for a job still and struggling to find funding for my studies
:+1: got some big phd deadlines out of the way and trying to claw my way back to feeling on top of things in general
:+1: idk, I’m alive, family is well etc

:heart: enjoying reading books again after a few weeks unable to concentrate
:heart: delicious lunch en route

:poop: Monday, cranky, tired, cba
:poop: lots of housework to do


:+1: If all goes well, I’ll be Dr Tuna by this time next week
:+1: Got a final (HR-based) interview on Wednesday, so hopefully will be employed very soon

:-1: Have to actually re-read my thesis before defending next week - there’s not enough coffee in the world
:-1: My knee is still messed up from hiking a few weeks ago, and not being able to run is making me very sad


:-1: Having so much trouble trying to get R ok with school since half term
:-1: still feel shakey from a really difficult appointment earlier and not feeling up to facing the rest of the day
:+1: Dungeons and DiSers tonight
:+1: These super cute planet patches I got for the patch bag arrived:


Those ARE super cute!

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:otter: Really like the paint job in the bedroom.
:otter: Might actually not run out of money by payday.
:ant: My own camera-up-the-arse-to-look-for-bad-things appointment has been cancelled due presumably to the events of this year. Feeling a bit miffed about all of this.
:ant: I’m cold.

I really want the entire set, they are so sweet :blush:

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:partying_face: nice lunch, had some noodles with some leftover pigs in blankets from yesterday’s dinner cut up and mixed in, enjoyable
:partying_face: felt well tired earlier but I seem to have waken up and feel vaguely productive for a change

:weary: my PC is being a jerk and refusing to update anything for some reason. probably Microsoft’s fault and probably not an issue short term and will probably fix itself eventually, but things not working annoys me immensely
:weary: think I ate too much for lunch

:smiley: Argyle on Sky Sports later
:smiley: Booked 11-18 December off work
:slightly_frowning_face: Major money stresses today due to council tax arrears
:slightly_frowning_face: Lots of people around here have got the ol’ corony and it’s a small community so worried about catching it and giving it to Mrs F who has asthma.

:-1: Had some medical ‘investigations’ recently, which revealed a lump. Got a virtual appointment with the consultant on Friday to discuss removal and testing. Properly terrified.
:-1: Work has gone worryingly quiet in recent weeks.

:+1: Mrs W has secured a voluntary position as a counsellor in a secondary school. After 9 months out of work it’s really lifted her spirits to feel like there is a bit more of a purpose to her day.
:+1: erm, really nice looking homemade veggie shepherds pie for tea…


How did you bag that with a retail job? That’ll be a good time to get a rest hopefully :slight_smile:

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Was told that everyone needs to take a week off between now and Christmas plus my colleague’s daughter has lost her job so is working with us meaning there’s cover available. Very happy about these developments.


hope it all goes well, weebs :+1:


Thank you.