2 movie reviews

Pan’s Labyrinth.
6.5/10 - not as much fantasy stuff as I’d hoped.
Too sad.

Liked the ending.

Any other recommendations for Uncle Gorky’s?


Wayne’s World

10/10. Untouchable.

Wayne’s World 2

9.5/10. Loses half a mark because I don’t get that canoe joke.

i recommend that you post in the existing film thread

Those aren’t recommendations pal.
Please re-read the thread

They are if you haven’t seen Wayne’s World or Wayne’s World 2.

Moana. Top-notch Disney fare.

You don’t get the canoe joke?


Sense of an ending
7/10 Broadbent is a national treasure

Their Finest
8/10 Bill Nye is a national treasure

good point

No, haha, of course I get it, haha! I was making a joke about all those OTHER idiots who don’t get it!!


Yup, fine first watch. Both kids love the tunes.

Suspect it’ll get rather tiresome by the thirteenth of fourteenth watch.

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones - 8/10

Star Wars: Episode 1 - 9/10

ban request

8.5/10 - A really good read
9.5/10 - It’s great