2 new sub-categories: Selfies and SSP

Hi everyone!

I have just created 2 new sub-categories to the Social board: One called Social > Selfies and one called Social > #SSP. Threads posted in these sub-categories will, if everything goes right, NOT be included in the automated Digest emails.

Happy posting!



In order to place a thread you’re posting in a sub-category, simply click on the «Social» thing under the title header and a drop-down menu will appear:

You can of course also ask a mod at any time to move a thread into a different sub-category for you.


Also: Feel free to tag me or @moderators in existing threads that should be moved to one of these two categories.


Really respect the consideration of this kinda stuff :slight_smile:


Question: Should the Pets sub-category also work like this? Lots of personal pictures and life details I guess?

  • Yes please
  • No that’s fine

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Edit: Cool, will fix


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This is fab, thanks for all your work on this WR and the mod teams! :relaxed:

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WR deserves about 99% of the credit here.



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Way to go WR :smiley:

I don’t really understand what a sub category is.

It’s the difference between a marine and a submarine.


Top work by the mods here, really appreciate you finding a solution to this. :heart:


Social is the main category, topic area is the subcategory

Yeah what everyone else has said really, this seems like a great solution, thank you :grinning:

It’s a forum nestled under the social forum. So they’ll still be listed in Social, but you can also click on, say, Film & TV or Sports etc and it’ll take you to all the threads that are listed in that category.

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Thanks - I had a look and realised it’s a thing I rarely look at when I’m making threads.

It makes sense though.

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Bumping this with added screenshot, let me know if anything is unclear to anyone :blush:

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And to reiterate this - if you see a SSP or Selfie thread that isn’t under those categories just tag us @moderators to request it’s moved :slight_smile:

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Similarly, if anyone sees a festival thread drowning on the music board, just at me, and i’ve got your back.