2 random acts



Pick two random acts and see if anyone has done both at the same time.

Blowing your Nose + Sitting on the Toilet

  • I’ve done that!
  • I haven’t done that.

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Having a wank + eating a fig roll

  • I’ve done that!!
  • I haven’t done that!!

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Having a shit + getting a blowjob

  • This is called a blumpkin
  • Of course I haven’t done this, it sounds absolutely foul. I’ll finish my poo and I’ll be right with you.

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Pissing while brushing your teeth

  • Yes
  • No

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Just good time management isn’t it, especially in the evening.


My wife doesn’t like it when I do it. That’s the main reason I do it.


Drinking alcohol whilst in the shower

  • y
  • n

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Not in the shower. Definitely had a post run beer in the bath though.


Beer in the bath is a standard thing though, beer in the shower less so I reckon

Also, I keep forgetting to make polls public


I concur with your analysis.


Smoking a cigarette/joint while in the bath

  • Yes
  • No

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when at uni.

Wine in the bath is standard though. No point in having a bath otherwise.


answering the phone whilst doing a poo[poll public=true]

  • no way
  • sure why not


Cry wanking over pictures of your ex WHILST playing FIFA in the bath & brushing your teeth

  • Hell yeah!
  • Been there, buddy!

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Engaging in a work/business call whilst in the nuddy

  • Yep
  • No way

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I had a phone call offering me a job whilst I was on the shitter, naked once

It was early(ish) in the morning and had just rolled out of bed to do my morning ablutions, I don’t (normally) strip off to have a crap


Having a bath while doing your ironing.

  • I find it electrifying
  • I find it shocking behaviour

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Big job?


Taking wfh to its logical conclusion.


Haha electricity