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  1. At half time of the 5.30 kick off I went out to get the washing in. A few metres behind me a red kite and a pigeon smashed into the wall. The red kite did not give a fuck about me and went about its business. After ten minutes of being eaten the pigeon made a break for it and got taken down again and eaten on the other side of my garden. It was still alive about half an hour in. After an hour the red kite staggered off stuffed to the gills(?!) and flew off. We were left with a pigeon with a hole through the middle. Thankfully someone came in the night and took it away.

  2. The next day we went to the county fair. During the beagle display I want to the loo leaving my bag with wife, friend and various kids. When I came back I was told that a beagle had come up to the fence and pissed on my bag (which was very wet). I did not receive a satisfactory answer as to why nobody moved it when the pissing started.

That’s all I’ve got, I think.


Beagles are really great dogs IMO


There were fucking loads of them in there, pissing, shitting, that kind of stuff.

Terrier racing was great. Dominated by the Jack Russells.


Pacey little bastards aren’t they.

Interested to hear what other terriers were in these races if possible


you ever been ratting Bal? I reckon you might have



re:2 - what are the chances another dog had already pissed on it, encouraging the hound to go forward and follow suit?


I reckon it was Balonz who’d already pissed on it, because he was confused about being outdoors and thought he was in his own back garden.


Not really my thing with hating animal cruelty and that sort of stuff. Kind of feel a bit weird going to the county show and seeing all the hunting types and shit.


I would like to think it was unlikely.


nah, mate - i’ve got a dog. he almost exclusively pisses where other dogs have already pissed.


I can see that you would be. not so keen on ratting, but I do believe it is necessary in some cases. farms and shit


All sorts. Anyone who turned up with a rezza could enter it. Then they are put in starting cages and whipped into a frenzy with a hare. On release you get all sorts, pacey, trotting round the arena, stopping for a shit.

Top quality entertainment.


Someone has it start it though, don’t they. I’m not saying that my bag isn’t now marked.


Also, speaking as a human, about 98% of my pissing is done where other humans have pissed.


this guy, man. this guy


Must invite you to one of my garden parties.


so, you’re admitting to having wee’d on your bag, thus starting the piss-chain?



B is punishment for A