2 weeks in - have you had any beeves yet?

  • Loads
  • One
  • He Started It
  • I’m Sorry Bamos, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I didn’t mean to make you cry, but tonight I’m celaning out my closet
  • No
  • Take It Lipster
  • I left it on the old boards
  • Theo?

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I have no beeves with anyone ever because i’m such a lovely person :hugging:


I’d like examples BTW, need to kill some work time


cowcow has no beefbeef


@hip_young_gunslinger being very wrong about cheese: Raw Halloumi - yay or nay?


Nah, not yet.


Sort your shit out


Yeah a little bit but I refused to engage any further.


why is everyone so obsessed with beeves




Loads of people, I tried to draw a line under all the unpleasantness and beeves I had on the last forum but I couldn’t help myself.


Hi FOPPYISH <3 #nobeef


Says Beeveyonce over here.