£20 off first Ocado shop - worth it or not?

Minimum spend £80. Looks from the T&Cs that you can’t fiddle it by just stocking up on booze. Are there any bargains to be had, or any point using it to stock up on big things I can never be arsed lugging home from the supermarket? If everything there is three times the price of anywhere else it makes it a bit pointless.

i’ve never bought anything off ocado so idk

think a few folk on here use it though?

Can you put a price on not having to go to a fucking supermarket, though?

in my experience it’s pretty much the same ££ as other supermarkets. customer service is p good.


Considering I have put off buying more than one of any heavy or even slightly item for about five years, you may be right. I could just buy £80 worth of bog roll and never worry about it again.

Best supermarket on the planet, mate.

It’s not really any more expensive than other shops anyway, but you get a voucher for the difference if it would’ve been cheaper at Tescos’. 99% of the time you’ll get what you ordered (rather than the litany of subs and missing items with every other supermarket’s online effort). Customer service is - or should be - spot on too.

I think new customers get £20 off the first shop and a free Smart Pass for 3 months or something? So that’s free deliveries and 10% off certain items and other special offers.

Free wine or chocolates after your 5th order and every year on the anniversary of your first shop too :slight_smile:

Might as well at least give it a go…

You should work for them mate!!



This - we do an online shop every now and again for big, bulky things like 24 packs of loo roll, loads of cheapo sparkling water, loads of tinned goods.

Go mad on 2-4-1 1l bottles of washing up liquid and family-sized McCoys multipacks!

Nah £20 of free food sounds shit

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If the rest of the food is more than £20 dearer, or the service is poor, or the food is bad, then it would be shit. Which was the point of my question really. Plus any tips on anything specific to Ocado worth picking up.

I love Ocado

They won’t deliver to my postcode, the dobbers.