20 years of coldplay

Parachutes will be 20 tomorrow. I hope you’ll all join me for a glass of weak orange cordial to toast Chris and pals on their’s and our unforgettable journey together.



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First EP and album are good, some stuff after that is decent. Thanks for reading.


They were very good touring on the first album.

somewhere between 2/5 and 3/5 thanks

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I think they’re fine and dandy as a stadium friendly anthem-indie band. They’ve just suffered for Chris Martin’s evident poor taste in marrying someone who genuinely thinks people want to buy a candle smelling of her fandango. That does rather call into question his taste on a more general level.

A Rush of Blood to the Head
Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends
Ghost Storiez
A Head Full OF Dreams

Mylo Xyloto
Everyday Life

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Never wrote a song as good as this did they


Coldshit more like… no Shitplay more like.

Shitshit more like.


Let’s all vote Lib Dem

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Total shit.

I love Parachutes
I really like Rush of Blood
I can accept X+Y
I love Viva la Vida
I nothing Mylo Xyloto
I can accept Ghost Stories
I nothing Head Full of Dreams
I haven’t knowingly heard Everyday Life

I think they get a bad rap. They’ve always seemed like affable enough blokes who don’t mind taking the piss out of themselves. I still really like the Game of Thrones Musical thing that they did.

Unfairly maligned.


First two albums and early EPs are solid. X&Y is half an album’s worth of decent songs and half way out the door into the following 15 years of mawkish stadium sentimentality and creative stagnation. Less said about the rest the better. Feel a bit sorry for Martin when it comes to Paltrow, who seemed pretty decent back then and has since turned into a psuedo-science nutjob obsessed with putting things in vaginas that should not go in vaginas, and is probably the one responsible for their kids’ names. I have some weird notion that it was quite possibly his first relationship, but I could be wrong?
They’ve all managed to stay relatively humble which just about makes up for the unmitigated million-selling shite they put out.

Saw Coldplay and Muse open for Feeder just before Parachutes came out. Would not have called that either of them would have gotten so big. But then, I was at that show in the first place so I guess my opinion can’t be trusted.


You get less for murder!


I swear there’s a debate over Coldplay on here every 6 months or so

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Wow what a long 20 years it’s been

Wow, 20 years ago I was watching the video for Yellow on MTV2 thinking “This is utter shite. I wish a big wave would wash him away”.


The Scientist is a genuinely great song.


I enjoy it when people try to pretend they weren’t boring shit at first because they liked them when they were 14.

Beige/5. The rock Drake.