20 years of coldplay

Hard to imagine a world without them


It’s very cool this was a big hit, I think his lyrics are great on it. Think the Viva La Vida album as a whole was very good

I’ve always liked this one too, the production really adds a whole lot

This has the potential to be good but the production in the verses is pretty grim and the sidechain on the chorus is unbareable.

Overall I think they got unfairly maligned by people who thought ‘Feels’ was the best album of the decade


Parachutes - 9/10
A Rush of Blood to the Head - 8/10
X&Y - 8/10
Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends - 9/10
Mylo Xyloto - 5/10
Ghost Stories - 6/10
A Head Full of Dreams - 4/10
Everyday Life - 6/10

Their best album is Viva and their best song is Chinese Sleep Chant. They really fell off a cliff after that.


Eff me, a balanced and non-vitriolic viewpoint on DiS. Wrong boards mate :wink:

Parachutes - Very good
A Rush of Blood to the Head - Very good
X&Y - Very consistently good
Viva la Vida - Decent with a few memorable songs
Mylo Xyloto - Un-listenable
Ghost Stories - Almost as bad
A Head Full of Dreams - Awful
Everyday Life - I can’t be bothered anymore

Coldplay were a fantastic band from '99-'05 imo. Then I guess Chris Martin felt the need to change directions and by the end of the decade, he just wanted to stay with what was popular rather than remembering they became popular as a pop rock band.


Like the documentary on Amazon Prime. Seen a few of their gigs, never not enjoyed one.

Live music and having enough tunes rule for me over perceptions of personality/celeb crap.

Solid 4/5.

Live, love, laugh: the coldplay story


Just checked my Pop! Spotify playlist (where lots of secrets lurk lol) can confirm these are the tracks on there by Coldplay

Life in Technicolor, Lost!, Viva La Vida, Life In Technicolor II, The Hardest Part, Speed of Sound, Fix You (rarely play that one though). I did have Rush of Blood once but I think got bored of it a number of years back and it ended up as a beer mat and then a summertime shuriken. It’s probably under a few inches of earth somewhere in the garden by now.

Pretty secure in the knowledge that Chris Martin has the same effect on me as some of you feel towards Bono. I just wanna slap the twat. Hard.

X&Y has been the IT helpdesk hold music at my work for over a decade (thankfully just changed). I don’t think I really liked that album in the first place but if I never hear it again it’ll be too soon.

I really like Parachutes and Rush Of Blood. Never bothered with anything else after X&Y.

the good stuff is really really good

but I can’t claim they’re interesting because they’re not

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“in my place” came on the other day and it starts with these crashing massive drums and you’re all ‘it’s time to rock!’ and then the actual song starts and it’s pure Ken Bruce milquetoastery

My mate’s girlfriend’s brother directed that video.

So similar!

It’s funny. I hadn’t listened to ride or Coldplay in a very long time and I put on rush of blood on wednesday and, today, totally unprompted, nowhere by ride.

Could it have been the drums??

Coldplay were pretty good headlining Glastonbury in 2002, it was off the back of just one album and there was a bit of “will they pull this off?” about it, but they did and it was nice. They played The Scientist before it had been released and I had that song in my head that entire summer, but was unable to hear it again for months (imagine), it drove me mad, I even tried to recreate it on the piano from just having heard it once, which is a bit embarrassing, but it’s a great tune. They finished with a great version of Life is for Living, probably my favourite song of theirs.

Saw them again at Glastonbury in 2005 and they were fantastic, touring a shit album (X&Y) but it was a great show, properly nailed it, did a Kylie cover that brought the house down.

They got a bit big and boring after that, haven’t seen them or listened to them since really, wouldn’t ever choose to, but for those five years 2000-05 they were pretty good.

Their 2011 Glastonbury set looked very enjoyable on TV at least too. Wish I’d seen them around them around then before the tides turned to total shite

Ah but their 2011 set clashed with the run of Pulp, Janelle Monae and Big Boi elsewhere on site that people round these parts like to get misty eyed about on a semi regular basis (it was the best run of bands I’ve ever seen)

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Maybe he is just a really nice guy but Chris Martin being so friendly with the Eavis family does seem a bit Machiavellian given how many times they’ve headlined. I always thought someone like The XX or Foals deserved a shot at headlining in recent years ahead of them.

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U Cold.

Decent amount of money for a tribute band opportunity methinks.

Where the streets have no scientist.

Ah now. Two bands without a hit between them

I totally understand hating Coldplay, but you can’t deny that they have hits