20 years of coldplay

Thought this - the b-side to Speed of Sound - was decent too.

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Ok so thanks to this I’m having an x&y re-appraisal right here as I loved it when it came out but then things got a bit Be Here Now with it.

Turns out the title track is actually great?! Always thought it was one of three tunes to pie off but if it isn’t the beating heart of the record?

Also hadn’t picked up on how many of the tunes are actually about the band. Always had them down as a u2 esque band of brothers but making this thing sounds like it fucking sucked.

This is a great record, having a lovely time and will happily skip the one where he swallows a rhyming dictionary to keep it at minimum 8/10.

White shadows, x&y, low, twisted logic and pseudo Johnny Cash are the best ones. Much better stuff followed but they were actually really great as a rock band and sort of wish they’d have another go at it.

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Might even go with with my mates assessment: Sen & Sational.

Violet Hill is an absolute stomper of a song, enough to make me use the word stomper


When i had the pleasure of seeing them 15 years ago they started the hardest part and it got 0 reaction, after the first verse chris said something along the lines of “we’ll give up on that one then, lets play Talk instead”. Always kind of admired that


Strong candidate for worst guitar solo in recorded music history though

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Is there still a part of you that wants to live?


All You Need Is Love would like a word.

(A song I love, but I also love how George absolutely biffs it!)