20 years since the first Harry Potter



imagine that eh


maybe in 20 more people will finally shut up about them


Classic Slytherin.



Only the book though. Get back to me in 4 years when it’s the film :frowning:


I’m going to read them


Only read the first four at about 9/10 ish, and there were already three published so yeah this makes sense.
Terrible prose though. Terrible.


I read this thread and I was like no way it can’t have been then I was like oh yeah he means the book and I was like I forgot they are actually books as well what am I like?!!


F fuck’s S.

Goes to like post.
Sees it’s Epimer again.

How do I join the fan club? Do I get a badge? Do yoouuu get a badge?


Back of the queue, pal.


Not downwind I hope


Are you coming to Fenino?


I know what 4/5 of these words are.



I remember receiving it as a 4 or 5 year old child for my birthday, mistaking it as Harry Potty (!!!)

I then read it at primary school and thought it was a cruck of shit about some specky wizard cunt, before moving onto to some Hans Fallada by year 3.




14 years since I accidentally broke embargo on The Order of the Phoenix and whacked it on the shelves at the bookshop I worked in for about 4 minutes which, if spotted, would have put the entire company out of business.


I remember the severe dressing down I got from HMV HQ for selling a World of Warcraft expansion a day early. Wow. May have even been a disciplinary.

(Couldn’t even make it work until the next day)


Never heard it called that etc


Can’t wait for the next book/play/whatever’s introduction of Jeremus Corbyndore a well-meaning but ultimately destructive wizard trying to pull everyone in the right direction but refusing to step down and let little Blairite wizards in and that makes him evil, or something.