2000 Trees 2020

Not really much of a DiS festival I guess. They’ve just announced Jimmy Eat World as the Thursday headliner.

Only been once before, back in 2015, but had a great time - very well run festival. Might go again next year.


Same but 2014, had a great time and definitely considering going again next year. Also considering Arctangent as haven’t seen Opeth since the Mean Fiddler in 2002!

Had a great time at ATG this year, despite the weather, but did find the fairly narrow range of music got a bit much. Similarly well run though, obviously.

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Have been the last 3 years, very enjoyable festival, despite the headlining bands those years all being absolute meh (apart from At The Drive-In, who turned out to be rubbish). Always discover loads of stuff in the smaller tents though, really well-run festival, cannot fault it. Jimmy Eat World is a solid headliner, actually one I would be interested in watching.

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yeah, this year’s headliners in particular seemed pretty insipid. Jimmy will be a great band for that place.

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They just don’t seem to hit it right, or maybe I’m not the target audience. It’s always so packed at the main stage in the evening, I actually prefer being in one of the smaller tents watching Therapy? do the hits or something.

I remember watching about a minute of Enter Shikari last year and thinking “what the fuck is this?” and walking away.

haha, that doesn’t surprise me. My sis in law LOVES Enter Shikari, but it just seems like some strange combination of overly earnest and a complete joke.