2000 Trees

First announcement


all shite apart from ETID doing Hot Damn!, which has really, really annoyed me

Absolute load of cack

Quite a lot of good bands

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Would watch Therapy? :+1:


Used to always quite like the 2000 Trees lineup, but this one is a bit



Spielbergs are playing so this is a solid lineup.

Some decent stuff already and it always seems to be the second/third announcements that really make me consider going.

There are some good bands on there, that’s for sure. Yma6 though, :confused:

“It only takes 2 matches…”
Kelly Jones after being declined access to this festival.

Gouge Away, Muncie Girls, Martha and Single Mothers almost make this tempting

Can’t be far off an ArcTanGent update soon at least

jamie lenman as ever.

martha, muncie girls, nervus, milk teeth, sunshine frisbee laserbeam and false advertising ive all seen before but they were all great. i’ll be there

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Gouge Away are great, ETID and I have been a fan of Comeback Kid for years. Not sure about it overall though ta.

There’s some great stuff on this, Martha, puppy, muncie girls, gouge away, single mothers, milk teeth, nervus, frauds, Lenman, therapy? - lovely stuff. Headliners are a bit guff, but can’t have everything.

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i wrote some words about it

it includes a picture of the small boy that st pierre snake invasion got onstage to play kazoo with them, so read it just for that

Will give it a look!

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