2006-2009 UK indie guitar music love-in (rolling)



No negativity in this thread, please, lads.




The Mystery Jets used to be an interesting band!

This is when they had their dad on guitar.


Can someone please start a 2017 UK indie guitar music love-in thread so that I can get some suggestions on albums to check out?


Some bands I tried, and failed, to put on in Manchester:


Wasn’t massively into this era (early 2000’s was more my era) but I really liked The Answering Machine . Should have been bigger then they were.


Top band. I saw them play in the basement of a hostel in Birmingham. Bring your own beers, with a fridge to keep them cool in. There was a smaller room within the basement where there were just some folks who were staying at the hostel trying to watch TV.

Certainly one of the stranger ‘venues’ I’ve been to…


what a banger


always loved this, saw them a couple of times but never listened much further


Wait, why 2006-2009 and not closer to 2002-2006 or 2002-2008?

2008 is when all these shitty indie synth pop bands started coming out, some like Friendly Fires had some good singles but this is when it really went downhill I thought and when the ratio of landfill indie:good indie bands got bad. 2006-2009 was better than today but the five or so year period before it was much better.

Also, Laura Mary-Carter from Blood Red Shoes is a babe.


Them’s the rules.


Loved Art Brut. This was a strange fallow period for me generally, when I hardly listened to any music as I couldn’t find anything I liked. But I was at least aware of them.







still love the longcut, was going to post Vitamin C here but couldnt find a decent quality video. one of the best shows ive ever been to