2016 MLB World Series thread

Yo vaguely recall there being a couple baseball fans out there?

Well the 2016 Fall Classic is upon us, starting to tomorrow night 1am BST and features the two longest '“dry spells” in professional baseball, the Cleveland Indians (just shy of 70 years of a last title) and the grandaddy of them all, the Chicago Cubs (108 years!), combining for 176 years of hurt, a new record.

So it’s a nice story for either team, however, I think most neutrals will be firmly behind the Cubs, not just because of the longer drought (caused by the curse of the billy goat) but also because they’re a nice club from a big city who made Bill Murray cry when they clinched their first World Series visit since the end of World War II. It also helps to have a non-racist name/logo (although admittedly it’s slightly less offensive than the Redskins) but also as the city of Cleveland finally broke its major sports professional era duck with a LeBron James-led NBA finals win earlier in the year.

As for the match-up, The Cubs will go in as favourites, dominating the National League with a fairly incredible 103-58 regular season record (0.64 win percentage!) and swept the Giants in the divisionals but struggled slightly against the Dodgers in the NLCS. The Indians, however, were a win shy of leading the AL, but have been highly efficient in the playoffs, losing only one game so far in a 4-1 winning series against the Blue Jays in the ALCS.

Indians do have a little bit more experience in this position as head coach Terry Francona as a perfect record in his two World Series wins with the Red Sox, sweeping the Cardinals (to end their ridiculously long drought) and Rockies respectively. Joe Maddon meanwhile has only visited the World Series once in a losing effort with the Tampa Bay Rays succumbing to the Phillies in 2008.

Whole thing will be on BT Sport live and re-capped in the morning so gonna try and catch as much as I can!

Might watch some of this, I don’t know enough about baseball to be able to contribute to this thread though. Sorry.

I will say: it would be quite something if the Cavs and the Indians win titles in the same year as the Browns go 0-16. Quite something indeed.


It’s alright, just any validation will do, I’m not a massive fan but dip in every now and then and this series will be worth it either way I reckon.

It would, but I think the city of Cleveland would get over it

Who are some good players I should watch out for, then?

2016 is really going for all out outlandishness here by giving us a Cubs v Cleveland World Series.

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I’m feeling a Cleveland sweep in all major sports this year, just waiting on the Browns’ 9 game winning streak to scrape into the playoffs



I think this is the Cubbies’ best shot at it, their offense is killing it at the moment and they’re probably either going to start with Arrieta or Jon Lackey and I can’t imagine Cleveland doing too much against either of them. To be honest I think the Cubs biggest worry is going to be their own mentality…but they’re certainly a stronger team than last year. If everyone keeps firing as they have done then I can’t see Cleveland getting past em.

Saying that I think the Cubs haven’t got all that much in the bullpen, so they’re gonna be very reliant on their starters & Aroldis Chapman

very, very funny and original joke in here


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23 year streak!

Game 1 looked like a real thrashing

Scoreline makes it look worse than it was, I think. Cleveland were better and definitely pitched better, and really limited the Cubs hitting. Cubs weren’t awful though, and I think Miller probably pitched for longer than he should have which may make the next couple of games interesting…

I’m a Jays fan, bit bummed really. Cleveland in six.

Not looking good for the Cubs :frowning:

:frowning: I’ll watch tonight between hell and in a cell and sleeping


Can the Cubs win both remaining games in Cleveland? It is ludicrous that Cleveland get home field advantage if it goes to game 7 because of the result of the bloody All-Star game.

I know when I read that I was like wtf, swear that’s a recent thing! Should
be based on that seasons records.

And to answer your other question, stranger things have happened! Cavs did
it in NBA finals this year…

Indeed, I read up on it, that was the first NBA finals/Stanley Cup finals/World Series comeback from 3-1 down since the mid-80s. It’s only been done five times before in the World Series.

So Game 6 just about to start after Cubs manage to force it back to Cleveland, would be cool if they survive and force a game 7 decider tomorrow