2016 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

Still somehow I belieeeeeved, we’d always surviiiiiiiiive

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Lost my underscore. This doesn’t feel right.


Yeah tbf not sure we can trust you are the real deal kyle


Release schedule looks pretty thin for the rest of the year. Anything left to look forward too?

Not sure, really. Haven’t much paid attention to release radars in some time. Overall tho this feels like a great year for raps. Still so much I have to catch up on. Isaiah Rashad top of that list.

Yeah, agreed. So much good stuff this rear

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Can we still not edit posts?.. :expressionless:

Nice one!

Any of you listen to the recent Tree album?

Best thing he’s done since Sunday School 2 I think: https://soundcloud.com/i-b-7/sets/i-b-tree

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I thought for sure we talked about this but looks like it never came up. Love this release!

Cant believe how sloppy the metadata is though on the downloads. Songs named/numbered different than whats on the souncloud page. Diff alb art. smh please make my free music more convenient to add to iTunes would you tree.

Not sure what the standouts are, whole thing works well as a collection.

I really like ‘Kinfolk’, but it’s definitely one I just play front to back.

This song ‘Police Mon’ he put out the other night is beautiful too: https://soundcloud.com/mctreeg/tree-police-mon

Glad he’s putting out more music again.

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Kinfolk is good, All Dat has a memorable hook. Police Mon is awesome.

Trap Genius was a bit of a disappointment and seemed to kill his buzz a bit, but he sounds rejuvinated on this one. Looking forward to the next time he comes with his own beats.

I actually quite like this Zach de la Rocha x El-P track. Does sound like a kinda standard Def Jux thing from 10 years ago but what the hey.



It’s alright. After a few listens, I probably prefer Rodeo. Pick Up the Phone is real good though

But… Y’know, on Jeffrey too, anyway

What’re your thoughts on the Isaiah Rashad? Posted a long ting in the old thread (pouring some out) but kind of got lost with this forum switch.

I’m still obsessed, the guy is so good.

its more hard thats i why i like it.

All the tunes go off in the club.

Pick up the phone song of the summer no doubt.



young thug is the greatest artist of all time

new album beyond flames i used to think he was super sucky (just bait joey badass esque nostalgic fuckery), but since he got addicted to xans and then got over it, hes been awesome. the new shit sounds just like UGK/currency its banging

(mac miller schoolboy danny brown etc all have had post xan renaissances imma write a book about it)

if anyone steals my idea ill know its one of you fuckers

sauce out x