2016 Rolling Pop Thread


here’s some new singles for you

lady gaga (co-wrote and co-produced with kevin parker, mark ronson & bloodpop)

zara larsson (co-wrote with and co-produced by MNEK)

skylar grey (produced by eminem)


Tove Lo:


I listened to the Skylar Grey one to see if Eminem’s production style had changed at all over the last 15 years. Surprisngly… it has, a little. Still as dull and one dimensional though, not sure why anyone would get him to produce their big single in 2016.


the entire E-MO-TION: Side B album is great.


Don’t really like the Gaga song either. She’s gone properly of the boil since Fame Monster.


The Kristin Kontrol album (Dee Dee from the Dum Dum Girls) is 80s tinged electro pop at its very best. I’ve been obsessed since it got released in the spring.



new tinashe. written by the-dream and co-produced with tricky stewart :ok_hand:


Like this one. Completely different vibe from Superlove though. These singles have been so all over the place - I have no idea how the album’s going to sound.




just watching little mix on x factor. disappointed with how much this sounds like ugly heart :broken_heart:


Definitely one of my albums of year, again.



Fickle Friends


Awks, it’s actually 2017