2016 Thread for posting pictures of you are* advert calendar and contents



Mainly for beer wankers but the rest of you can join in if you like.




This year we’re going for the indie points by doing a food bank reverse advent calendar


Taking booze from people who can’t afford it? Excellent work. Prime Minister May and God would approve.


Thanks @japes and @ericthefourth for their editing contributions.


This is ours, home made by my mum:


i’ll take a picture of mine tomorrow


I hadn’t realised this was already a thread.

Sorry for stealing your Dec 1st chocolate donkey*



Oh, I’m not worried about that - It’s just that linking to my post was the easiest way of getting the photo.


Looking forward to see how it compares to Honest Brew.




My randomly numbered non-festive assortment of 24 German beers.


I can post the photo from here now. Here is ours:


Sorry for my ignorance but what treats are in that?


Ah good one! We’ve been running a campaign locally to do these in November.



My mum made the advent calendar.


Ah that is nice, just I used to have something like this and it was just a picture you got and was hoping you werent getting fobbed off in the same way