2016's Best Album of the Year (so far)

I kept on hearing about this band, but on a listen some of the stuff just sounded like standard trip-hop which has been done to death. I might give it another go though.

Apart from Lamb (who I’m a massive fan of), The XX and a few other bands from a similar genre, I’ve haven’t listened to a lot of trip hop. When this came out in March, I listened to it non-stop for two weeks, bought the CD, took a break and then listened it to a lot since then. I love how the vocalists and music combine, the lyrical themes and the late night vibe.

Yeah, I think I overdid it in the mid 90s onwards when MoWax/Portihead/Wall of Sound were all massive and there was just so much around that I listened to.

Lamb are the best. Always surprised they don’t get more love compared with Portishead and Massive Attack.

I actually prefer them in some ways. I have their first singles as a collection of 12s and some white labels that I cherish. I think they sound different enough for me to not have lumped them in with the rest in my head.

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Out of those 3 I’ve only heard Portishead, who’ve done some very good downbeat tunes.

I definitely prefer Lamb to Portishead and Massive Attack. Backspace Unwind is their best from start-to-finish though What Sound? has my favourite tunes on it.

Completely off-topic for 2016 AOTY, but my preference is:
Lamb > 5 > Fear of Fours > What Sound > Backspace Unwind > Between Darkness and Wonder
The Remixed albums is stellar as well.

  1. Car Seat Headrest
  2. Radiohead
  3. Diiv
  4. Bowie
  5. Hammock

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finding it really hard to do a top 5, another year with loads of good albums but no major standouts

You know what. I keep coming back to Beyonce lemonade to listen to. I don’t like a lot of the over the top hype surrounding it. But by the metric ‘number of times listening’ it is up there.

Yes, we’re a bit off topic but I love Lamb so it’s good to share my thoughts about them with someone who loves them too.

Albums from favourite to least favourite (revised): What Sound? > Live at Koko > Backspace Rewind > Live at Paradiso > 5 > Fear Of Fours > Lamb > Between Darkness & Wonder

Hard to pick favourite songs but Gabriel, Gorecki, Heaven, Lullaby and What Sound? are a few.

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could be basically any 5 from:

big thief
field music
anderson paak
helado negro
kanye west
corinne bailey rae
tanya tagaq
adrian younge
sound of ceres
josephine foster
higher authorities
a tribe called quest

[/details] probably edging it for me though

I hope field music get some recognition for how damn good commontime is

One of the most consistent bands out there! Every Brewis brother’s release is essential in my books.

I was dead chuffed when Prince tweeted about them!

My top 5, and runners up.

  1. Animal Collective – Painting With

  2. Steve Gunn – Eyes on the Lines

  3. Floor Plan – Victorious

  4. Preoccupations – Preoccupations

  5. Spring King – Tell Me if you like to

  6. Yeasayer – Amen and Goodbye

  7. Maxwell – Black Summers Night

  8. Andy Shauf – The Party

  9. Japanese Breakfast – Psychopomp

  10. Junior Boys – Big Black Coat

  11. Destroyer – Poison Season

  12. Julia Holter – Have you in my Wilderness

  13. Chris Cohen – As if Apart

  14. Field Music – Commontime

  15. Blood Orange – Freetown Sound

  16. DMA’s – Hill’s End

  17. Roisin Murphy – Take her up to Monto

  18. The Invisible – Patience

  19. The Orb – COW / Chill Out, World

  20. Underworld – Barbara Barbara, We face a Shining Future

  21. Jessy Lanza – Oh No

  22. Mitski – Puberty 2

  23. The Range – Potential

  24. Seth Bogart – Seth Bogart

  25. Thomas Cohen – Bloom Forever

  26. Bayonne – Primitives

  27. Helado Negro – Private Energy

Ooh, forgot Julia Holter was last year…

Argh! and Destroyer.