2017/2018 Ashes buildup thread 🦗



feeling an intense sense of dislocation and fear about the future?

drifting through life without any real idea of purpose?

don’t worry, The Ashes is nearly here! time to invest all your mental energies into a cricket series! it doesn’t matter that you’ll mostly be asleep when it’s happening.

first tour match started last night - root & cook failed but all the less secure batsmen made runs, stoneman & malan looking the best & vince looking shaky outside off despite making 80odd, according to cricinfo.

moeen is injured. :sob::gun: that might actually be worse than stokes being out if it’s serious.

australia seem to be in a death spiral about whether body language and shouting a lot is more important than being good at cricket.

“I probably don’t do myself any favours with my hand gestures,” says captain who seems insistent on picking wicketkeeper who cant catch & averages 20 odd.

we’re going to get tonked still eh?

tried to do a starting xi but it was upsetting.


Cricket! :cricket:


1st test isn’t til the 23rd. I wasn’t too worried by Stokes absence but if we lose Moeen as well then I’d be very pessimistic. Still, 3 weeks is a good long time to recover…


I’m on nights for the first 4 days of the first Test. Might need to sort some sort of ‘subscription’ out so I can watch it at work.


it’s ok either way because mason crane has 70 1st class wickets @ 43, why isn’t rashid in the squad again…


had a security job on nights one winter 5 years or so ago. sat in the buildings’ reception area watching cricket and then went to the pub near the docks to get pissed and have some dinner. tucked up in bed before the sun came up. hated it at the time but it sounds like a dream now.


3-1 Aussies.


Nothing quite feels the same in the world of sport than the anticipation of the first ball bowled in a Ashes Test. If things fuck up we can always link to my favourite thread on #olddis and relive the good times.


oh i don’t hate this xi actually

root c
foakes :latin_cross:


Whaaa no.

This warm up game in the box.


Obligatory ‘it’s the most ridiculous looking trophy ever’ post


Also I am going to 3 days of this. So excited :sunglasses:


jelly. which test?


2 days in Melbourne and 1 day in Sydney


Damn you stokes for denying us the possibility of a three oaks team!


Cricket is so awful.


boxing day? seeing an ashes test at the MCG is the stuff of dreams man.


Noo I’m at my friends in New Zealand for Xmas so couldn’t really make boxing day. Going 28/29th I think.


AQOS Silver Winner.
Loser at Joy.


I Googled Scottish football trophies trying to find a more ridiculous one but they all boring tradional silverware shite.