2017/2018 Ashes buildup thread 🦗



Touché paisan


College American football’s got that sewn up, mate



I stand corrected


Cmon Aussies!

Bowling lineup pretty well sorted, barring any further breakdowns - Starc is looking ominous again

Hope to fuck Wade is not behind the stumps, Nevill should be there I think. Could be some new blood top order at the moment, quite a few in the frame. Not sure if Maxwell will get a chance anywhere

Adelaide Test the best chance for England I think. I’m only going to Melbourne this year, cant wait!


who else is in the frame for the all rounder spot for you lads now? you can’t go out with a 3 man seam attack including ol creaky cummins, surely?


The never ending quest for a genuine no6 continues

I think Cartwright is in the box seat at the moment, maybe Maxwell, maybe Stoinis - then there is the inexplicable need for Australia to play a Marsh, so one of those fools could end up in there


108 first class wickets at 44 between those three :slight_smile:

do you want to have some sort of exchange scheme… one of your big fast lads for one of our allrounders?


this particular Fb group is going to be good value for the next few months


Going to three days at the Gabba. I am optimistic that it will last that long.

Love the ritual humiliation of living in the place where Australia never loses.


Offt. enjoy it if you can man.


Despite The Gabba being a horrible stark concrete amphitheatre left to temper in the intense Queensland sun I’ve never failed to enjoy watching us (or India, New Zealand, South Africa etc) lose there.


Yep just cannot seem to get an all rounder that sticks

Just have to rely on Starc to do everything!


So Finn has been ruled out - I’m presuming they are going to find a way to get Stokes back in?

And Starc has just grabbed two hat tricks in the one Shield match!


I’ve got money on a 5-0 Aussie whitewash


Thinking of doing this, with Starc top wicket-taker. I am not optimistic for this, feels like the Aussies can smell blood.


My only thinking against 5-0 would be a particularly good batting show in one innings of one test leading to a draw, which is very possible when you’ve got a deep batting order including Cook and Root. But I’m struggling to see how England can take 20 wickets


Stokes is more than likely out unless the cps drop the charges completely. which seems unlikely, even if that story about defending a couple of gay lads turns out to be true.


I can’t see much in the way of a draw in this series, usually get a result one way or the other - only weather I think could bring one

I’m confident of an Australia series win, but i think it will be close. Still a brittle, unsettled batting order - Smith needs to score 200 each match! - and if just one of the 3 gun quicks break down we will have to dig into untested youngsters.

I reckon Adelaide is the best chance for England - makes the tour match starting today very interesting


Haha, I was in Brissy for 2 years, left in April to come back to the UK and I’m very much wishing I was back for the Ashes test. But yeah the Gabba’s a bit of a concrete monstrosity isn’t it. And they sell terrible beer.


Noticed the Ashes PS4/Xbox game being advertised this morning - the poster had 6 players representing England:

Root (yup, arguably would be in top 6 players in the world)
Anderson (can’t argue with that, great recent form, one of the modern greats, possibly his last ashes series, almost certainly his last away one)
Cook and Broad (living a bit off past glories here, but they’ve both certainly had game winning performances in the Ashes, including in Aus, so…ok)
Bairstow (I guess… certainly a fun batsman in good form, probably a good player in the game. Sure!)

Ballance (I quit)

Surely they should have just gone with 5? I realise they 100% had Stokes in until recently, but blimey. Also pretty damning that Gary Ballance is deemed to be the 6th most sellable player on this team. Pretty amazed Moeen wasn’t used.