2017/2018 Ashes buildup thread 🦗



Ballance? JFC…

Is there no option to play the women’s teams in the games these days (haven’t played an xbbox cricket game for more than 10 years)? Given the successes in the summer why not have Sciver, Brunt and Beaumont on the front of the box as well with Root and Jimmy and YJB?


Getting misty eyed over Brian Lara Cricket on the PS1.

‘That’s gone many a-mile’.


I looked the game up earlier and half the screenshots were of the women’s teams, so that’s good. would be nice if there was an actually good cricket game.


Yeah I think I pretty much gave up on cricket games after the terrible one I had on the original xbox: I just don’t think that some things translate well into videogame format. I love a quiet pint with a mate but I wouldn’t want to play QUIET PINT WITH MATE SIMULATOR 200!!!


Ahhhh reckon I’ll get international cricket captain for the flight out


Cmon guys - Gabba isn’t that bad! It’s my home town so I am biased - but it is good to live near the MCG these days

Gabba test is always a good one, especially for the Aussies! Usually viciously humid, with the odd storm. Another plus for the Gabba it has some good pubs nearby - even though they went and modernised them all!


Can this be the general cricket chat thread? Sorry if not, but there’s quite a spectacular scorecard in the PAK v NZL women’s T20…the first 12 overs go pretty well for the Kiwis, but from 17.2…

6 wickets in 6 balls, including four consecutive runouts! Surely a record? Although one of the runouts appears to be counted twice?



Sit back down, it’s nowhere near as bad as that. Only 5 in 6 balls with three run outs, a relative triumph.


I can’t be bothered with the bowling side of things any more, but quite enjoy playing with Ireland (having edited everyone to be my cricket team), simulating the bowling innings, and chasing down or setting big scores with a bit of music on.


They will score a lot of runs
We will threaten to and then forget


Haha I enjoy going there but the Gabba is definitely the worst cricket ground I have ever been to. It’s a shame really because I like pretty much all the other Australian ones. It just seems to be relic of a time where improving a stadium seemed to only involve increasing the capacity worth no regard for character and the use of mass amounts of concrete. Something the recent changes in Adelaide and Perth have happily moved well past.

Pubs are pretty good quality though. Solid point.


Love that game.






Also - get colly in the fucking side, why not.




We should take a team of any English player who’s ever performed well in Australia, get Tremlett on the next flight




Fuck! Was trying to think of his name. Get him in!


Is Plunkett in the team? Should definitely get him on the plane if not. Can’t say I rate Ball on the little i’ve seen of him, seems to get carted around a fair bit - could have seen him getting flogged by the aussies on a flat pitch.