2017/2018 Ashes buildup thread 🦗



Thought Plunkett would of been ideal for this trip. Has ability to bowl sharp spells and dangerous swinging the bat at 9-10


That’s 9 all out, though


Nah, they do it the wrong way round down there.


Only 9 down, forgot to mention but i read the score the Aussie way


Just read the above :see_no_evil:


Made the mistake of getting up early to watch the women’s test. Oooft. You know England are struggling when they only take one wicket in the fifty overs you’ve been asleep for. This could easily become a pasting. But at least watching this kind of pasting is a good warm up for the mens’ tests :roll_eyes:


W. T. F


That is fucking grim. Think of it as our version of the southern cross, I guess!


Only giving himself the Gabba and Adelaide as well! Reckon he’s gonna be pretty sad about the tattoo details after the first test


That’s the kind of passion and commitment that a painstaking Gary Ballance score in the high teens before snicking off to first slip can inspire.


Why is the h in front of the urn but the s and e hiding behind it?


George Henry Simmons Garton esq. in the england test squad then, is his dad chair of Investec or something?


23 first class wickets at 36 and-a-half apiece…

The cricketing Dominic Solanke.




The important part of his cricinfo profile is the magic phrase Left Arm Fast. I presume he’s there to pretend to be Mitchell Starc in the nets. Well, I hope anyway. I mean, if he actually makes the test squad with 23 first class wickets…


Is this a character in the new excessively british Bill and Ted reboot?


Don’t start with your “reasonable explanations for things”, I’m trying to get some class war going.


I only recently discovered the second Duckworth-Lewis Method album. Lovely stuff.


The aussies have gone with Paine as 'keeper? 'kin hell. Slightly odd decision.


Guys… the first test says it starts at midnight on the 23rd… does that mean Thurs morning for us or Friday - don’t know if Australia are ahead or behind us. Or if that matters. Help.