2017 Albums you can't wait for


Pitchfork says Melody’s Echo Chamber has a new album coming by the end of spring. I’m skeptical TBH but that would awesome since I’m currently addicted to her first record. I’m also excited for Jay Rock (and anything else TDE has coming), Beach House’s b-sides, and King Push. What’re you all anticipating for the rest of the year?


Perfume Genius, Jesu/Sun Kil Moon, EMA, The Wrens

Although not been blown away by any album this year so far…sad times


The War On Drugs - liked their albums, found them a bit dull live.
Fleet Foxes ?
My big hope is The Twilight Sad - but I expect that might be next year.


Chastity Belt I think have one due in June and I love them.


Forest Swords - Compassion - this Friday!


Only four more days for the Slowdive LP.
Kevin Morby has a new one out in June.


New Biosphere next Friday :heart_eyes:


ditto new Melody’s Echo Chamber

Demen - Nektyr sounds promising.

I think Spiritualized were supposed to have something new coming out. Not convinced it’ll be anything amazing, but still.

whatever happened to that new Massive Attack album promised last year in conjunction with those EPs?


Slowdive’s been on my list of shit I need to listen to but they keep slipping my mind. I’ll definitely check that album out when it drops and I’ve read/heard too much Souvlaki acclaim to not give that a chance too.


Wasn’t actually all that keen on the Souvlaki Space Station era stuff as much as the earlier stuff, but I’m looking forward to the new LP when it comes.


new Slowdive is good, but I’m not sure what they were doing with the vocals on a few tracks. I know it seems silly to criticize shoegaze’s vocals, but at some point low-in-the-mix mixing has to turn into just plain bad mixing, right?

It’s an otherwise good comeback that at least makes me confident for an even better followup.


The National…


Can’t wait for the new Afghan Whigs this upcoming week. Their 2014 comeback album was probably my 2nd favorite album of that year behind only the Hotelier.

We should be getting new QOTSA and The National and Modest Mouse too, right? Strange Ranger (formerly Sioux Falls) may also have one coming out. That one I’m really excited about; Rot Forever was my favorite album of 2016, and their EPs are fantastic as well.

The ones I’m most excited for are in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” category - Billy Corgan’s new solo album and the new Brand New.

I’m cautiously optimistic about the new At the Drive-In too - haven’t heard any of the songs from it yet, but the last Mars Volta album was secretly great so I’d like to think they still have it.


Phoenix, Pumarosa & Chromatics


The new Chastity Belt stuff has sounded great. Also looking forward to Kevin Morby.
Genuinely excited to hear Algiers’s second album. The first was, maybe, stronger on anger and politics than the tunes but they gave great interview. One of my favourite gigs last year was theirs at the Lexington. Loads of applause to get them back out so the singer Franklin James Fisher came out and said the previous song was the end because “we don’t know any more fucking songs”. Supporting Depeche Mode in the summer as well.


Would love a new Strange ranger records, one of my favourite new bands from last couple of years


Aldous Harding
St. Vincent


Girlpool, Cayetana, Sløtface,


Beach Fossils.


Occult Architecture Vol 2 by Moon Duo is out on Friday too I’m hearing. Stick that together with Vol 1 and you have a serious contender for album of the year I reckon.