2017 on the uncategorized board


Pretty quiet ain’t it? How can we liven things up?


maybe a social event?

Golf, anyone?


Great idea. I’ll have a chat with JohnM’s accountant.


make sure he knows I expect guest list entry and a cushty rider deal


Hi captainricebox, welcome to the uncategorized board. I don’t actually know JohnM’s accountant, I was attemtping to make a joke. We’ll have to wait for the man himself to arrive for that (JohnM that is, not his accountant who I doubt has an account on here. But you never know)


I’ve got a feeling that JohnM’s accountant might be @tigercrewtc


Is this the answer to one of @saps’s riddles?


Perhaps we could all do JohnM’s accounts after a round of golf, at the “19th hole” (which I believe is a golfing term for the clubhouse bar (no females allowed for some reason)).


I’ve heard that @JohnM is one of those tax dodging wankers with all his cash stashed in Belize or something so I would find it morally reprehensible to anything to do with his accounts.


I did not know that. That doesn’t bode well for his adherence to golf course etiquette.