2017 Oscars (a competition between films released in 2016) #notsowhite

It’s the oscars tonight, and I’m bored so here’s some Oscar chat:

Best Picture
La La Land (will win, sigh)
Moonlight should win but if not then Manchester by the Sea

Directing could go anywhere, but probably Chazelle, again would rather Lonegran or Jenkins

Actor in a Leading Role
Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea, should have this sewn up, Washington is the only real threat

Actress in a Leading Role, probably Emma Stone which would be the most deserved of all of La La Land’s inevitable plastic wins, although Huppert (!) Portman and Negga (in that order) are all better

Actress in a Supporting Role seems to be going to Viola Davis, but as I haven’t seen Fences I’d go Harris or Williams

Actor in a Supporting Role, probably Moonlight’s surest category which would be richly deserved for Mahershala Ali

Adapted Screenplay
Should also hopefully be Moonlight, but could see Arrival giving it a run.

Original Screenplay think MbtS beats La La Land here (deservedly) although a shout should also go to The Lobster here.

Oh and Arrival and moonlight to split technical things, and it would be rad if Toni Erdmann wins best foreign (which it might will due to re-make) and O.J for documentary

I’m fuming in advance of the La La Land haul, I didn’t even hate it but the idea it’s a better film than Moonlight or MbtS is just really, really stupid.


If you don’t see oscars as a mark of quality and more of a “Hollywood circle jerk” which it is, then I get less angry. People will forget about La La Land


Should wins:

Will wins:
La La Land

Ooh does this mean Moonlight has over taken MbtS for you?

Also this reads like a Spurs line up


Yeah, I think so, they were neck and neck and then I listened to an interview where Jenkins said none of the three “leads” discussed or watched each others performances or anything and I cannot believe they managed to paint such a consistent character with that in mind. It’s an amazing achievement IMO. Gonna try and see it again tomorrow before Toni Erdmann if the timings work.

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Saw Hidden Figures last night
Would be great if it won something but it won’t

Hollywood loves a film about Hollywood innit

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seriously well out of the loop wrt films.


Really hope Mica Levi wins for her stunning Jackie score


Pretty sure it’s got that nailed down, it was superb.

ooh yeah hopefully, richly deserved but also couldn’t happen to a nicer person (she was working in the london particular in new cross only a couple years ago!)


pretty much, aye

Lion should absolutely win Best Score. (I turned Jackie off after about ten minutes…)

Moonlight should win Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor.

I’d quite like Ruth Negga to win Best Actress.

Best Picture should quite clearly be Moonlight, but maybe it’s better if it’s critically-acclaimed yet ignored while Hollywood celebrates a few white people dancing.

I absolutely cannot understand the nominations for Fences.

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I think the big thing is that I immediately wanted to see Moonlight again and it gets better on second viewing whereas, as much as I love MbtS, I don’t feel like I really need to see it again

not heard Lion’s soundtrack right enough

oh and Fences nominations, possibly reaction to the allsowhite stuff from last year?

Not even Viola Davies? Thought she was incredible, definite standout in that category for me. (agree that the Denzel Washington performance is overpraised though)

Got to be honest, i really struggled to get past the ridiculous early dialogue and ended up pottering around the house and half-watching.

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I get that, its ridiculously stagey which I personally quite liked but it’s pretty marmite in that sense

Yeah she’s always seemed like a lovely and humble performer. Was chuffed enough for her when she had the Bafta nod for the Under The Skin soundtrack. If she does win though, it’ll make me chuckle to think that I once saw use a hoover as part of her set :smile:

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