2017 Oscars (a competition between films released in 2016) #notsowhite


‘People will forget about La La Land’

Nobody ever says that something they love will be forgotten, funny that.


Will win:
La La Land
Damien Chazelle
Denzel Washington
Emma Stone
Mahershala Ali
Viola Davis
La La Land and Moonlight for screenplay awards
Zootopia for Animated Film
The Salesman for Foreign Film
OJ: Made in America for Documentary

Should win:
Manchester by the Sea
Dennis Villeneuve
Casey Affleck
Natalie Portman (but haven’t seen Elle yet)
Mahershala Ali
Viola Davis
Manchester by the Sea and Moonlight or Arrival for screenplay awards

People getting actively cross about La La Land cleaning up need to calm down. Original live-action films like that and Hidden Figures being masively popular makes a nice change, who knows maybe studios might make more original films in response. OK, maybe not.


Any suggestions for my Oscars bingo?


Also even though I love Casey Affleck as an actor I hope he doesn’t win anything because Hollywood has enough history with supporting/glossing over sexual predators as it is.


going to see fences tonight so stay tuned for the definitive take

heard it’s weird vd asked to be put up for best supporting when it’s clearly a starring role but idk


I don’t really mind


something about trump jokes
something about the oscars being blacker than the republicans in office


‘diverse’ nominees doesn’t equal inclusion, especially when the majority of voters are old white men. people actually bothering to push forward nominations for three films that were by and featured black people (with the exception of hidden figures being directed by a white man) doesn’t mean the oscars is any less white. JIMMY KIMMEL is hosting - why?

i’m not feeling too optimistic, but it was nice to watch the moonlight acceptance speeches at the ISAs last night. just would like to reiterate that film award shows are the worst and i will only be paying attention to the red carpet. ta.


Is anyone actually suggesting this all means the Oscars are OK forever now when it comes to diversity.


I’m looking forward to this. The Oscars is always a goldmine for angular, arthouse films with diverse casts. It would also be a lovely touch for the President to turn up in his heartland. I’m sure he would receive a warm welcome.


State of Mel Gibson

Also why the hell is micheal strahan reporting?!


She’s not doing much in the run-up to Springwatch


Shut up JT


Yas 1 down!


And 2 also state of the rock


the OJ doc (which just won Best Doc) is on iPlayer FYI. it’s incredible. and 8 hours long.




Hacksaw ridge winning is actually quite a thing… Christ

state of Mel Gibson


Mm starting to think I should have put money on this