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Figured I’d combine the two threads this year since, on their own, they don’t seem to gain much traction. Maybe when combined they will take over the world?

Kehlani is obv gonna take over this year

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Loving the debut EP from Nadia Rose.

this is so addciitng… skrrt skrrrrrrrrrrrt

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Also the new Kehlani is out and it’s the AOTY duh

Yeah, this kehlani album is great so far.

Giving this thread a bump bc I’m in the mood for some stuff like this and I’m not good at finding it :^)

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Anyone for the new Charli XCX mixtape? I quite like it, though not as much as Sucker. More PC Musicy

Feeling very meh about the new Tinashe. Does not bode well for Joyride.

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listening to his EP now. Though that is clearly a highlight, there’s some really great stuff on!

‘Steve Lacy’s Demo’ is pretty cool, found it on the Blonde playlist

New Syd album is pretty great, listening for first time here. Seems criminally slept on

‘More Life’ has been growing on me lately which was a surprise because Drake had basically used up all the goodwill I had towards him because of ‘Take Care’. I think you need to take the ‘Playlist’ thing to heart and just skip around it, because otherwise it’s just too long, but I did that with ‘VIEWS’ and had about half as much fun.

Aside from that, Frank Ocean is having a great run atm, Biking is probably one of my favourite tracks of the year so far. If he never does another album and just does regular singles from now on I would be happy.

Still posting here in the vague hopes someone else jumps on lol.

I have pretty much lost all interest in Drake. Never had that much to begin with but he’s just not someone I feel the need to invest time in.

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I enjoyed a lot of this but am into the Kehlani more

yeah I can certainly understand not wanting to listen to Jimmy from Degrassi who rapped about how he ‘started from the bottom’… That rap album thing he put out as well was also terrible for having product placement on it

vis a vis Kehlani ‘Undercover’ is such a great song it is actually unbelievable. Charlie Heat is a fantastic producer

yeah enjoyed this

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To me More Life is super similar to Views as far as content, style AND quality. Both I’d say overall are above average but no where near great. I’m glad you’re enjoying More Life more but I honestly think a bunch of songs could be swapped between the albums and neither record would really be different or better/worse.

I’m just now remembering that I wasn’t to go back and hear SiR’s EP again from February. Heard it once or twice and had fond thoughts but kind of forgot about it. Dude’s TDE so I have to check it lol.

Never been a fan of country pop but, regardless, Malibu is really fucking terrible. That accent.

so many good unsung r&b albums over the last couple of years, constantly playing catchup.
anyone into Nao?
how about Anna Wise?