What’s going to happen in 2017?

I remember accurately predicting a surge of right wing populism, brexit AND Trump in a similar thread this time last year but you can’t find the thread on the old forum and I think sean deleted it anyway.

I reckon everything will pan out just fine… LOL. I would say “keep it light” but…

Actually maybe let’s not do this.

I think there might be some kind of new variety of crisp/potato snack released in the UK


I predict I will weigh slightly more on my 32nd birthday than I did on my 31st.

more dead slebs

Leicester City WILL NOT win this year’s Premier League.


A new dance craze.

Mystic Meg to die

I think at least one member of community.drownedinsound.com will accidentally poo their pants

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Green Heinz Tomato Sauce to be re-launched and this time take the world by storm

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For some reason I assumed you were older than me.

The bloke who played Karl Kennedy will be the new Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Remake of Das Boot to be announced, starring Seth Rogen.

Our generation will continue to filter everything that happens in the world through Simpsons references.


Fuck it, I’m calling it now. The Queen will die in Spring 2017.

Very naive, they can keep those fuckers alive pretty much indefinitely.



That’ll be my carefully cultivated online persona of wisdom personified.

(Please don’t read any posts containing the word “sushi” in the morning thread)

Balonz to have an attempt to stop posting

It’s of doom mate.

What, Germans?