2017 PREDICTIONS thread

Will the UK Brexit or not?
Will there be a new GE? A new PM? A new Labour Leader?
Is Scotland gonna stay in the EU?
Who will Trump blow up first?

King Charles? King William?

Will Le Pen win in France?


King Charles of Brexit

was round my granda’s the other day and his mate ron reckons le pen will win it no bother and then the EU will collapse on itself

Quintana / Froome / Chaves

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Famous people will die and non-famous people will exclaim “Oh 2017, you’re just like 2016!” when really it’s entirely logical that some famous people will die in the same period of the Earth revolving around the sun.



Edgelords keep on edging

if the French elections didn’t have a head-to-head run off I’d be pretty convinced too tbh

even with the head-to-head it’s gonna be close


if she does win then yeah, the EU’s in deep

Looks odds-on that a Trump-Netanyahu power slam on Iran is first up on the foreign policy roster 2017

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