2017 "ROCK IS DEAD" sweepstake


Ooh, that last group! Never encountered them myself, but I’m sure they exist.

Maybe they’re not trying to sound like baby boomers so much as they’re trying to sound like Lester Bangs?

And the less said about him the better.


let us not forget that hip-hop dies every year as well. r&b too. electronic music probably next. RIP, friends


Rock ain’t dead. It’s just taking a really long nana nap.



What are King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard? I’d imagine that shit’s ‘rock’, and it’s fantastic.


this recent Parquet Courts interview in the New Yorker touched on this quite well recently I feel:


You know when the title of an article and the extract from an article makes you think: “I have no desire whatsoever to read that article”?


just read it you belm :wink:


What is it with DiS and belms?


by the way, our chat the other day about post-punk makes a bit more sense after reading this thread, so I would posit you this:

While you don’t necessarily have to like punk rock, it was the short in the arm that kept rock relevant at least until the 90s (as yer man mentioned up there with Nirvana) and then later The Stokes and Arcade Fire. People don’t really seem to go a long with me on this (yet) but I believe punk can be found pretty much everywhere from the mid-to-late 70s onward, and even earlier due to The Stooges, MC5, The Modern Lovers etc


Like everyone here I’m guilty of making sweeping statements about things that are actually a lot more nuanced. So by “I don’t like post punk”, I should have said “I don’t like bands that sound like Wire, Gang of Four, and Joy Division.”

It all depends on your definition of “punk”. If you think of it as a counter cultural DIY attitude rather than as a sound, then yep, there’s always been punk.


kind of yeah, but there’s also a shared spirit in the music a lot of bands produce which follow the basic principals of punk, some more obvious than others




Oh? So what’s the gimmick?


depends on the album


I’m In Your Mind Fuzz




First post here folks.

I just joined a music forum exactly because of the thread title, rock feels dead to me. (NB I did not state rock is dead)

Now let me start by stating rock feels dead for a number of fairly obvious reasons.

  1. I’m now 36 and consider myself an old fart utterly out of touch with modern music and have reached that grumpy age where it’s acceptable to state everything new is shit and can’t possibly be as good as the music I grew up listening to (which my parent told me was shit and not as good as the music they grew up listening to and so on)
  2. I haven’t purchased a new album in a decade, other than from bands who I started listening to over a decade ago, some of whom are approaching semi-relevant rubbishness or 8th album bland idealessness.
  3. When I get bored of what I do listen to, I tend to go back and start listening to something I missed during the 90’s or 00’s (I got into Foo Fighters nearly a decade late and only started listening to PJ about 3 years ago)
  4. The charts! (I’m guessing this might be a recurring theme here…yes?)

So I came here for some learned zen master of rock music to tell me “Davie, rock isn’t dead my friend, it’s just hiding somewhere you haven’t been looking, you like Foo fighters & pearl jam? Here give these a listen.”
“PS if you liked Oasis & Ocean Colour Scene you’ll probably love this new band!”

So tell me it ain’t so, point me to where the good music is and tell me to stop being silly, I just haven’t been looking hard enough…



Welcome, Dave.

Just pick a smaller festival and explore the smaller names on the lineup. If you like Ocean Colour Scene, The Foo Fighters and Oasis, you might find a lot to love by investigating the lineups of Kendal Calling, Truck, 2Q, or Dot To Dot.