2017 "ROCK IS DEAD" sweepstake


p4k straight in there with its OK Computer coverage:


I was about to suggest some bands, but then I realised that I don't know what rock is.


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Cheers but I've not got festivals in me no more.
Especially not turning up to ones where i've never heard of anyone hoping I like something.
I'll do it the easy way and ask people on a forum and search through loads of shit on Youtube till I find something I like.

Good news on that front, found car seat headrest thanks to the best albums of 2016 thread, like some of their stuff, I'm off to a start.

There seems to still be a distant pulse in there somewhere...... the search for life goes on


I didn't mean you should go to the festivals! It's just that their lineups are a goldmine for new band recommendations.

For example, the main reason I'm convinced that Rock Isn't Dead is that, every year for the past four years, delving into the lineup of the Liverpool Psych Fest has given me dozens of new bands to love. Dozens of new bands every single year. It's boss.



Now that I can do.


Needs updating but here's a playlist I made last year:


Rock started out about going against the mainstream! Going against the establishment! So to me Rock has just gone back to what it originally was, it was never really meant to be mainstream! That's why our latest Album released last month is still Rock!


Hi Gabo. Thanks for your input. This is what I was referring to above when I joked "It's like punk never happened." Because frankly, the idea that rock must be mainstream to be relevant feels absurd.


But rock became mainstream and part of the establishment contriving an image of rebellion to keep the cash rolling in. Within a ten mile radius of my house a former member of Pink Floyd is spending millions expanding his prime seafront townhouse and a 16th century Tudor mansion is occupied by an ex member of Led Zeppelin. Rock has not produced anything of any relevance since Nirvana and even that was a back to basics approach.


Good for them. Any body that can pull a little of the "music money" from the corporate interests, good enough...

Maybe it wasn't of any relevance, but post Nirvana Matchbox Twenty and Rob Thomas sure pulled in (and continue to) the millions.

But as others have said, it's really not important for the health of Rock and Roll. If you like to play "real instruments" that aren't acoustic and or country, then you'll be playing rock and roll.

I give away CDs all the time, yea people still have those too! I recently gave one of our new CDs to a 21 year old I met at the bar. He said it was his first time being able to sit at the bar! The next week he hunted me down to tell me he loved the CD and it was now his favorite, that he had found us on spotify and listened to it all the time.

Sure it was just one person, but there are plenty of young people who love our brand of Rock N Roll. Maybe our band isn't relevant, but we are original and we are Rock N Roll and we'll keep playing it till we're dead.






Hahaha, I'll have to save that!! Thanks.




No offense and I actually like Ocean Colour Scene's singles but if that's one of your go-to's then I don't think you were looking hard enough during the 90s let alone now :grin:


Oh no you didn't


Kasabian at it again