2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread

he definitely doesn’t go in like this on Roots albums in quite the same way, at least not on the recent slew anyway. black thought should be keeping kendrick up at night

that’s Web

might be time for roots critical re-appraisal

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yeah it’s the delivery for me. the album version is not exactly slow but it feels a lot more composed

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the roots definitely feel both ahead of their time, and timeless. i don’t really associate them with 90s rap music even though they released a run of classics in the 90s. theyve stayed big hitters. think black thought would maybe come up more in conversations about greatest rappers alive if they hadnt become jimmy fallons studio band and released a couple of lukewarm LPs, or if he had a really great solo LP under his name. he’s rumoured to have one in the works but that rumour dates back to 2013 at least…

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for those that care

yeah the Fallon thing has def changed their trajectory. not sure if it’s for the better or not, maybe just stalled them for the moment. tbd i guess.

They’re fucking superb. Saw them at The Jazz Cafe earlier this year and it’s probably in my top five gigs of all time. Fucking love them.

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I think you’re right. Definitely, in my case. I was fully on board up 'til Phrenology, then just stopped checking for them. Those first few albums were so strong I’d just go back to them when I wanted a Roots fix.

I also think I underrated Black Thought because he got lost amongst some of the more novel aspects of the group if that makes sense? The live instrumentation, Rahzel, some really powerful guest vocalists… Hearing just him now over a late vintage Havoc beat… :thinking:


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Game Theory might be my favourite The Roots album. Definitely the one I go back to most

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Think I prefer Game Theory, Rising Down and Undun to Phrenology tbh (although Undun is one of those departures from hip hop that’s probably divisive). Things Fall Apart is my absolute fave of theirs though. Holds up amazingly throughout.

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Ok. I’m gonna have a Roots weekend I reckon.

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Yeah, Things Fall Apart is the one I always seem to play. So good. That and Illadelph Halflife.

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I go back to Organix a lot as well actually.

no love for Do You Want More??!?!??? (not looking up if that punctuation is accurate)

shows the depth of their back catalogue that there are so many worthy albums

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Just to say in this wee subthread as well that Questlove’s autobiography is really fucking good for anyone who loves any kind of music. Dude is a fountain of knowledge and enthusiasm.

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Just allowed myself to get caught up in it all and ordered this:




ha! nice one.i havent bought hip hop art since this madvillany print like ten years ago (last one on this page)

reminds me i still want to get the ice cube one

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DYWM was my fav for a long time. the one with the bagpipe and the one with the organs were my favs, I remain calm and do you want more.

Silent treatment is a helluva ride too.

Guy I met a while ago makes these…