2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


No love for Ice Melts?


Pretty mixed - but they cover a really impressive spectrum of artists. It’s all about the visuals really - really nicely designed and printed, loads of excellent photography.


New Your Old Droog is solid. Nice to hear Edan again.


From a few listens I think More Life is 10x better than Views. Too long again but a lot of massive tracks. Feel like it could have done with a few more Drakeless interludes (Skepta’s and Sampha’s are really good) to break things up a bit. Both of Thugger’s features are :fire::fire::fire:

I know Drake doesn’t get a lot of love on here but really enjoying this one so far.


Yeah, my criticism should come with the disclaimer that Drake really, really isn’t for me and despite a few decent songs on early releases/mixtapes and a half decent LP in Take Care I think he’s basically been shit the whole way along.


Hard to decide which is more cringe - his fake patois or use of London slang?


Amusingly could be talking about either singer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


TBH I have a real soft spot for pop Dancehall so lowkey like Shape of You. The YXNG BANE version is much better tho.

When it comes to Drake I have a love/hate vibe. I thinks he’s tediously turgid when he tries to do serious rap (90% of Views sent me to sleep) but I love his pop tunes. So Passionfruit and Blem are great. Love the Giggs features too.

Still really annoys me that he won’t feature any Jamaican artists, despite taking so much from their culture. WHAT’S POPCAAN GOT TO DO FOR A DRAKE FEATURE???


Pop dancehall:

Popcaan :grinning:
Rihanna :relaxed:
Drake :confused:
Sheeran :unamused:


Whats your Justin Bieber emoji??? I must be basic because I love it all. Except the new Katy Perry song :mask:

The funny thing is this kind of stuff is actually huge in Jamaica. They don’t necessarily see it as cultural appropriation, just happy that their culture is being repped by the biggest artists in the world. My friend wen’t last year and said Sorry was basically the biggest tune on the island and you’d hear it everywhere.


Obvs Sorry (and WDYM, actually) is this tropical shit done right*. Shape of You is offensively vapid and derivative but sure it’s catchy.

Ah yeah and not even thinking in terms of appropriation tbh. I ain’t the culture police.


*Biebz ain’t off the hook though for Love Yourself which is grim and offensive but his hit/miss ratio is improving


i think he actually cut Popcaan from Controlla which is even more smdh



Galling that he’s gonna move on from TPaB without properly touring it here :disappointed:


yeah that sucks, eh? still not seen him live.


Ditto, balked at the price for the Hammersmith Apollo shows when Good Kid Maad City was out, regretting it ever since


Gonna be giving Ransom 2 some spins over the weekend, about as star studded as you’d expect (young thug, kendrick, rihanna, future, rae sremmurd, chief keef, gucci mane, YG, etc)


Sort of half-new on both accounts but for lovers of beats:

The Alchemist - Rappers Best Friend 4: Instrumental Series

A collection of beats, some you’ll probably recognise from recent projects, some new. I’ve had these on a lot over the last week, perfect for sunny drives in the car.

Madlib - Bad Neighbour Instrumentals

Instrumental tape from the Bad Neighbour project with MED from 2015 I think? I never really gave that release much attention (might go back to it now) but I enjoyed this whilst at work last week.


think Know Ya Wrong is one of my favourite rap beats


just checking in you all get ratings for consuming the best art being created on this miserable ball of earth for several hundred years