2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


the songs that bookend it on the album stand out a little more to me, but its a nice breath on that album for sure. think BlankFace ended up being a top 3 release for me last year


I love keef on this


the leakman cometh

carti x herbo



kodak black got album of the year





Yo …this Underground artist is sooo Fucking Lit… Check it out… www.soundlcoud.com/lay_no


slapped this in my car all day


New Joey Badass anyone? It’s political.

Quite like the Super Predator beat from a once-through.


I’m into it, so far. This is my fave:

New Kendrick soon too.


Think it’s fine, pretty consistently listenable but very little really stood out to me through about 2 1/2 listens. Feel like the politicals are pretty cliche, barely touches on any personal experiences or stuff that isn’t constantly talked about (media makes us look bad, cops quick to shoot, slavery, Alton Sterling, etc). Could’ve done it much better.

Almost every hook was “meh” to me. Joey can rap but he didn’t top B4DA$$'s highlights as far as lyrical skill and flow. Overall it’s straight but I’m gonna forget all about it if Kendrick drops some heat.


Ehhh. The track with ScHoolboy Q is decent but the rest is pretty forgettable. I can’t remember the last time a debut excited me as much as Survival Tactics, but pretty much everything he’s done since has been completely middle of the road to me.


This, except I wasn’t that excited by Survival Tactics. It’s not like there’s no one out there making decent boom bap and he wasn’t really doing anything new, his only angle was his age. Has struggled to carve out any kind of niche for himself.


There’s a couple of tracks on Bada$$ I really love, Paper Trails in particular is just fucking brilliant, Premo boom-bap throwback stuff which I absolutely lap up. But yeah, underwhelming after Survival Tactics for sure


happy to have realised there’s a new devin the dude album


Omg :open_mouth:

Cheers for the heads up - straight onto this!

Man I used to love Devin


It’s really good too!, best he’s done in a long time.


Can I, Are You Goin My Way, Acoustic Levitation, Due yo Thang, I’m in the Galaxy, Dont Get Naked, You Know I Wantcha.

this is some way up in the clouds music


It’s always refreshing to hear his lazy style, not taking himself seriously (pretty rare in modern hip hop).

Guy just loves blunts and pussy.


He’s one of a kind and probably more influential than he gets credit for.