2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


That's a beaut of a 9th beat on Duckworth.



Aww yisss


Jeezy & Mike - amazing
Adam Levine - oh god no


yeah but 'heard em say' though


I know Kendrick might be the only thing people are spinning this week but I've really enjoyed this:

DUE RENT - Iojii & Swarvy

Solid production throughout and an enjoyable listen throughout. I feel like there's a bit of a Ka-esque delivery at times. Lots of short punchy tracks. Just a good vibe.


15 years of horrific Maroon 5 songs vs one innocuous feature 12 years ago...


just trying to stay positive by assuming this will fall in the latter camp


Yeah I mean U2 x Kendrick worked out. Was some poorly executed collabs on that last Big Boi album though, so not calling it yet.


Calling it, this Maroon 5 featured track is gonna be trash.


yah i mean, just the fact that it's being released b2b next to a jeezy and mike "street" track suggests it's gonna to be a properly wet attempt at a single. ahh we'll see.


if Kendrick can survive TWO adam levine collaborations with his head held high I'd allow Big Boi one anyway


fact checking this post led me to discover a Maroon 5 / Future collaboration that I will now try to dissolve from my memory


Well they can all survive them, but it doesn't mean the song(s) isn't or wont be trash.


ew this is bad. hadnt heard til now.


Not been on it this year. Quite liking the new joey bada$$ on first listening though. Can I get everyone's top 5 mixtapes/albums of the year (exc. Kendrick) to catch up pls


I love Daringer. Would love him to do a whole album with someone a bit better than Westside Gunn. Maybe Ka or Roc Marciano.


I had to give up 40 seconds in because I couldn't take any more



Hmmmm, not too good :frowning: