2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Apparently the new alb is co-produced by Organized Noize… i have some expectations now.


Is snoop compiling a genuinely fun throwback record?


would love that. the album cover alone has me pumped.


sends up the @CHAIRMAN_LMAO bat signal:


I don’t know what it is about a fairly average rapper spitting ignorant
lyrics over wrestling samples that pushes ALL my buttons, but I can’t get
enough of it.

Need a Conway album before these guys disappear into the inevitable Shady
records obscurity.




from this group…


wait… who the fuck is Logic?


My top-100 cloud rap tracks:


Lol he’s pretty popular in the US, you haven’t heard any of him? Didn’t really like his new album btw.


I’ve just seen a shitload of press on him recently and am pretty sure I have never heard him… Loads of stuff about him retiring? Bizarre


Vaguely remember his first album getting some hype and then it not being very good



As for the retiring thing, he announced his next album like a day after this one dropped and is claiming it’ll be his last. I kind of doubt that–most of the time rappers say they’ll retire it’s an attention grab–but we’ll see, I guess.

And @ littlebirds, I’ve always thought he was pretty much an average rapper who got overhyped. Honestly how I see it is that he built a super dedicated fan base through his mistakes and first album by people labeling him as a top-notch lyricist and a leader of “conscious” hip hop. But to me he hides his average lyrics by rapping fast as hell all the time and most of his “conscious” elements are either surface level or pretty mixed messages. Overall I think he’s just OK.


okay this is the first thing i’ve heard by him and i can see how he’d do well in a kind of poppy Chance type of way but yeah pretty nothingy overall


the definition of MOR rap imo. he and j cole.


I’m not listening to a white rapper who has a song called Africaryan

he’s aiiiiite, this is my favourite thing he’s done. think he’s just cultivated a big US fanbase, but so have macklemore & ryan lewis


speaking of Logic here’s someone who might appeal to a lot of his fanbase but there’s something about this I can get into, he’s a bit weirder


I think he’s biracial tho