2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


oh really? my bad.


yeah pretty rough childhood. props for turning his life into a positive. its not really an authenticity thing w him for me its just his music seems too derivative for me. it’s perfectly fine but he sounds like someone who’s done it better than him on just about every track. I like ‘everybody’ on his new one but it is basically a kendrick track.


one of my top ten rap albums ever turned 20


probably the best song of all time? there’s no cap on how many times i can claim that, right?

love that guitar at the end it reminds me of allman bros blue sky when Duane and Dickie are interplaying and lock in on the same rhythm at the end


that guitar gets pretty close to matching the same melody in parts tbf




Like the new Mach-Hommy and Knxwledge ep


This is awesome. 6 hours of DJ Premier production.

The GOAT? For me, probably.


Oh man, never heard of this podcast before. All over this.


It’s great. The indie hip hop one was excellent too.


Love the production on this


gonna have a LOT of time for Snoop’s throwback album this summer i think :sunglasses:



no Quik but plenty of Battlecat


got this queued up for the weekend! battlecattttttt


He had such a crazy good run. It’s too bad he hasn’t really built on his pallet much into the later stage of his career. Not sure he has to, mind, he has his lane.


Lil’ Wayne sounding surprisingly good on this T-Wayne

also that sample interpolation jheez


Hard to think of many contemporaries who came up in the late 80s that can say they have. Q-Tip and DJ Quik being the only two that immediately spring to mind.


It’s Carter III era material, which explains him sounding a bit sharper


This is fucking brilliant. Any idea if tracklists ever appear anywhere for these?