2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Not that I know of.

Yeah - it’s a great listen. Part 1 especially.


I reckon I can ID 98% of this on first listen if there’s anything you’re stuck on


Haha. Yeah. It’s amazing how much of his stuff is so familiar.


Safe. Might hit you up once I’m done with it. Not been anything catch me unawares so far but it’s early days.


That podcast has inspired me to whack together a quick Premo playlist, chuck some stuff in here if you feel like helping out:


Nice! Crazy that you can whack 60+ tunes in a playlist without any deadwood.

Respect for putting Blaq Poet on there. Been listening to Deja Screw and a bit of Screwball lately.


added some. too bad Jay took all his stuff off spotify


Doobie Ashtray is a top ten preem joint.


Nice one, cheers!


Evening News by Cee Lo is awesome too.


love this old rarity that Q-Tip dropped in his RBMA lecture


I think I prefer his Christina Aguilera ones to that.


New Conway tape


what, for real? I liked those CA tracks for what they were but they were much more premier by numbers. Doobie Ashtray is just something else entirely, shows his range a bit.

or do you just not like Dev?


Yeah, never really been a fan of Devin the Dude and just have a far too blinkered view on the type of rappers I like rapping over his beats. I remember hearing Moment of Truth for the first time and even a few tracks on that were starting to push it for me.

Just having a trawl through his list of productions on Wikipedia. Pretty insane.

I hear he’s also really into collecting porn.


Recently checked out that Premo x Royce album. Pretty good actually.


lol we’ve got to get you over this hump. do you like any southern rappers?


Some. All the obvious ones. Geto Boys and a lot of their solo stuff, Too Short, Goodie Mob, 8 Ball & MJG, Three 6 Mafia, the first few Outkast albums… But that sound just never grabbed in the same way that New York and Bay Area stuff did.

I did check for it at the time, but it never really got the same exposure here in the UK in the early 90s when I was at my most malleable sonically. Later 90s/early 00s, when it started getting more popular here, it seemed to be more geared around singles and club nights and I couldn’t really be fucked with all that.

But then Comin’ Out Hard and The World Is Yours are essential albums for me, so… Its complicated. Its a hump I need to climb!


Totally missed this at the time but this Missy tune is a banger


This looks good. Didn’t even know there was a Vol 1.

The Alchemist & Budgie