2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread




New Mach-Hommy. Beats by Alchemist, Earl Sweatshirt and a few others.

$77.77. Hmm.


wtf is this :joy:




Ahhh, didn’t realised they had both done one. Was wondering why it was named like that.

Listened to the Mach Hommy one on the way in this morning. Pretty good - I like his taste in beats.


https://soundcloud.com/chante-elizabeth-fuqua/u-haul-prod-amazingprophet-1 this is lowkey dope…not 100% hip-hop though


new Keef is really cool, got a bit of a bop vibe which is wicked news for a die hard Sicko fan like me


oh also this fucken slaps


few big releases this week

really loving the Thugger, was initially a bit worried about the ‘singing album’ tag

couple of questionable lyrics on there that I could do without

2 chainz album is entertaining enough

not listened to Big Boi yet but liked Kill Jill a lot


Anyone a fan of GDP?


ehhhhhh… might be able to salvage one or two bits from it?


it’s a fucking weird album isn’t it. there’s a couple of really good tracks in amongst some of the worst shit he’s ever attached his name to. I’ve only listened to it once but I already never need to hear chocolate ever again. at least the thugger album came through


what we thinking of BROCKHAMPTON? i’ve been bumping the mixtape and i think i’m down


what’s hot over in the US? what’s been blowing everywhere up this year? like ‘Black Beatles’, ‘Broccoli’, ‘Bad and Boujee’ type of thing? like, good and wildly popular. idk.


Like that first track, not so down with the second. Will give this tape a listen…


Other way round for me. Will also check the mixtape.


Digging the new Billy Woods and Blockhead…

That Conway tape also still getting a lot of play. Daringer >>>>>>>


Some current chart stuff i like to varying degrees rn:

Humble, XO Tour Life, Tunnel Vision, Mask Off, Magnolia, First Day Out, Patty Cake, Crew.


thx Shipperz. I’ll check them out on the bus home.