2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


I mean obviously I know and already bang ‘Humble’, but the others :thumbsup:


Hm, i will listen based on the pre release tracks but idk, never even listened to his last album in full, which is weird considering how much of a 'Kast fan i am/was.


yeah, these are good! ‘Tunnel Vision’ is the best imo. all of the Kodak Black ones got their hooks in me immediately though. I like his voice a lot.


like ‘crew’ best of the ones I ain’t heard- nice one ts


Yeah, quite liking this mixtape. Could do with a bit of quality control but there’s some good stuff on it.


It’s certainly a mixed bag but that’s what I’ve been digging about it so far. Still finding their way/sound, having a bit of fun and trying out different styles and generally making a lot of it stick.


I have a lot to catch up on. Tons of releases worthy of checking out.




The new Vince Staples is on Spotify etc. Halfway through and absolutely loving it having not been too excited about the singles. Had forgotten how great he is at setting a tone/mood over a project. Gonna be spinning this all year for sure.


Not really feeling it myself, first track seemed quite interesting in a garagey type of way but found a lot of the rest of it a bit too samey. Great Kendrick verse though.


Enjoying Vince. Agree good Kendrick verse but did instinctively roll my eyes when his guest spot cropped up. Man is everywhere.


Oh man Kendrick going in over a Sophie beat is so good


So far loving this album, not gonna lie.


was really not expecting it to start with a 2step beat… Justin Vernon credited as a producer on it… SOPHIE & Jimmy Edgar turning up in a bit… wtf is this album!




it’s a collab with Flume of all people. it fucking bangs though.


nas doing ‘one mic’ with jack white and others at 1 hour 37 minutes 40 seconds, nas covers Memphis jug band earlier in the movie, too. excellent series…



i’m just listening to all the 30 second clips of the Jay Z album and it sounds boring, what a surprise


Can’t remember the last new Jay-Z album I sat through… Must have been Blueprint.