2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Actually, this is quite good, and I’m not a huge fan of anything Jay-Z’s done aside maybe Reasonable Doubt.


not listened to it yet but it’s already been quite a good year for old man rap. devin, raekwon, & snoop all released surprisingly good albums


Yeah, it has. Plus Roc Marciano, the two Shabazz Palaces albums (well, only heard one)…


shiiiiiit, totally forgot about that roc marci album. my backlog is getting out of hand


Hmm - didn’t realise No ID had produced the whole thing. I love a short, one rapper, one producer rap album.


had v low expectations but i am really liking this. this is a good groove for him, no trend hopping. No ID managed to make it sound modern but still classic bap. his flow obv isnt classic jay flow (he cant get that) but he sounds good and doesn’t embarrass himself.


Yeah, it feels really considered and not at all bloated. I wish more rappers would do albums like this, although I could do with the soul baring about him and Beyonce. Zero interest, bruv.

Really like Story of O.J. and Caught Their Eyes.


Story of OJ flow is nice. Smile is good, sweet stuff about his mom, sweet rolling sub bass-line.


this is damn good


new Twista album sounds really good (streaming somewhere)


Busy as fuck production from DJ Shadow, but that’s what Danny Brown typically goes for anyway


Any of you guys listen to Romesh Ranganathan’s hip hop podcast? Pretty good. Funny hearing him chat hip hop with people like Curtis Davies.

Was listening to the DJ MK one and thought that it was a great insight into why UK fans of a certain age only like east coast stuff of a certain vintage.


Yeah, it’s good if a little repetitive after a while, his guests tend to like the same stuff and have the same observations but he’s funny enough to make it very listenable anyway.


Really enjoyed the Jehst one. But there are some utter stinkers (Had to switch the Edith Bowman one off). Doubt i’ll ever worth through the whole lot but it is interesting seeing who pops up on there.


I can’t make this as I’m on holiday. Really hope it sells out and they do a date on the Sunday too.


they’re playing bristol on the sunday I’m afraid


Ah yes, didn’t think to check Songkick…


yeah it’s better than i expected. nothing that blows me away but it’s the first time he’s found any kind of groove post-black album without trying to relive past glories (i.e. american gangster, which is definitely the standout post-retirement but not one i return to much).


while we’re on the subject of podcasts, has anyone been listening to Mogul about Chris Lighty? great so far, and has some little extra interviews with people like Maseo/Warren G on the side as well



Yeah, I have actually. Very good.

Hadn’t subscribed though so totally missed those extra interviews though! Just downloading the Fat Joe one now.