2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


This I like.

A$AP Twelvyy - Strapped


The Fat Joe one is awesome!


this is gonna be my heading to the gym song for the foreseeable future


big fan of the beat running out on him at the end there


Hey, the new Tyler stuff is really good isn’t it? Get a good feeling about this album. Had pretty much given up hope for a decent record from him


wish people would stop using that shade of orange for their covers though


i feel like tyler has been building up toward a good album more and more with each release. i really enjoy Cherry Bomb and this feels like another level up


I still ride for Lloyd Banks. His voice has aged really well. Still puts out a great mixtape per year at least.

I think he just loves rapping

Cold Corner 2 is his best, still play that tape a ton.


I mean this may not knock your socks off but I love how he just gets these tough beats and goes in every single time.


Thought this was great. Kinda sad it was just 6 episodes.


New Mike Eagle album concept sounds interesting: https://openmikeeagle360.bandcamp.com/album/brick-body-kids-still-daydream


Daringer :fire:



Finished this now. Was good. Nice snapshot of hip hop at that time. I find Sophia Chang a little annoying though.


good stuff going on

i REALLY like the new EP from nyck caution / kirk knight of pro era, didn’t anticipate it being as good as it is tbh, and im a fan

always liked Meek, good to see him back above water

new Tyler is great imo

Rae Sremmurd staying v consistent

speaking of RS new French Montana dropped pretty much entirely carried by that globe straddling single with swae lee that french is on for about 8 bars

surprised by how much I like the A$AP Twelvyy project

RIP Sean Price still

shady disclaimer section

can I get away with saying I quite like Felly in this thread?

why am I so happy riff raff is still a thing in august 2017?


Just listened to this. Like it. But why get Fredro Starr on your album and just get him to do a skit. That’s a real shame.


true, although Onyx are featured on Trap Lord and Cozy Tapes vol. 1 as well so seems part of an ongoing thing


Ah, OK.

TBH, this is the first A$AP thing I’ve listened to in ages. Just really liked that Strapped track from a few months back.


That Sean Price and DOOM track is surprisingly decent for a posthumous thing


Yeah - skipped through it as I quite want to wait 'til all 15 tracks are out and listen in one go.


Not sure there’ll be any cohesiveness to it. Press release suggested a load of tracks taken from various DOOM or other artist’s projects. Trying not to get my hopes up that this means there’s a haul of DOOM albums on the way.