2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Yeah, probably not, but I’m more likely to listen to it properly in one go rather than a track a week or whatever. I can’t see us getting another proper album from him.

Have I told you guys about the time I met MF DOOM at Shoreditch House? He was with Ghostface, and Daniel Sturridge was there.


Mate are you sure that wasn’t a dream? Sounds like it was a dream.

(Wet, etc)


Thats definitely a story that needs fleshing out!


It’s actually not that interesting, but I was seriously gassed (faced).

Ghostface did a show for Red Bull at Shoreditch House and I went with a mate. A mate of his had arranged it, so we were invited over to their table after the show. I was very reluctant as they were all eating, but did it anyway. We were introduced to the table (did a very awkward handshake with Ghostface and Sheek Louch who looked like they just wanted me to f**k off) including someone he called ‘Daniel’. As soon as I heard him order a wine cooler from the waiter I clocked that it was DOOM. We chatted briefly. He was living in south London and had just got the tube up to see Ghostface. I didn’t acknowledge that I knew who he was, promoter guy kept telling people ‘no photos, whatsoever’, all a bit weird.

Sounds corny, but to meet someone like that was just totally surreal. Been a fan since Mr Hood, own everything he’s ever done including f**king lunchboxes and dolls, I was properly starstruck. I had to go for another beer on my own at the 'Spoons at Liverpool St and text all my mates.

Oh - Daniel Sturridge doesn’t really feature in the story. He was just at the show and the venue was tiny. He went and did selfies with Ghost and Sheek Louch.


Good job on being so relaxed, I’d lose my mind if I met DOOM. So cool that you got to meet him (and Ghostface too!)


I imagine theres a full lockdown whenever Doom is maskless because hes managed to keep faceless for so long!


Yeah, I guess there is. Everyone seemed aware of it too, and keep mobiles in pockets etc. He looks pretty similar to KMD days. Fatter, large bald patch.


Sicko Mobb

I still go running to SSV1 and 2, sicko mobb are kind of frozen in time for me, stil feel very underground


This Nyck @ Knight EP is great


Enjoying the new Meek album quite a bit. Best digested in chunks tho.

nope lol


Ghostface has always seemed like a dickhead to me. i dont hold that against him, mind.


Well I’ll be darned


Not sure what makes it a KMD record, but hey. Looks like we might get a blast of records DOOM’s been working on the last decade


I’m ready for more doom after cooling on him over the last ten years or so. you gotta love jay elec’s hustle. never release anything and drop a few notable guest verses every year or two.


love DOOM but also thinks sometimes the stans get a bit carried away, and, yeah, an extended break wasn’t necessarily a bad thing after the amount of stuff he churned out. sounds a bit more animated on these couple of new tracks than he has more recently too.

RE: jay elec, sometimes i think his career has been one big backpacker rap fan troll


Figaro came up on random THIS MORNING on the way to work and I was vibin out hard

Everything that glitters ain’t fishscale
Lemme think, don’t let her faint get Ishmael
A shot of Jack got her back it’s not an act stack
Forgot about the cackalack, holla back, clack clack blocka
Villainy, feel him in ya heart chakra chart toppa
Start shit stoppa be a smart shoppa


He did sort of tease a new KMD album a while ago. I remember the CD inlay for that KMD ‘Best Of’ on Nature Sounds saying ‘KMD Mental Illness coming soon’ or something like that.

Then he did that Sorcerers track with Scienz of Life which was very good but, yet again, that was all anybody heard. Even way back then I think people were resigned to the fact that it’d either never see the light of day, or just be beats everyone heard on Special Herbs and Spices (and fanboys like myself already owned all of them).


Been listening to the first Viktor Vaughn album a lot lately. Well, I never really stopped listening to it tbh. So good. Lyrically he’s just on fire.

Remember me God, clean Timbs with emery board?
He only came to save the game like a memory card
Ooh shrewd, a lot of crews is too rude
And it’s way too many let’s-not-and-say-we-do dudes
He said 24-7 I be on call
He use his vacation days to watch Babylon fall
Numbskulls… get to stepping they dumb dull
And how he rep the mic is like the weapon from Krull

The weapon from Krull! LOL.


That was nearly 15 years ago!


I know! My point is it’ll probably come out at the same time as Madvilliany 2 and the album with Ghostface - i.e. never.