2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Yeah, a friend suggested this whole series might be full of vague intentions to make records, rather than announcing albums that are in the can. I’m more hopeful though. He’s got to have been doing something while in exile


I hope so. I’ll check whatever he puts out.

It sounds like he spends a lot of time pissing about watching daytime tv. We should get him to sign up on DiS.


I also read somewhere that there are a few Subroc tracks floating about that the Diggers With Gratitude guys were trying to release but couldn’t sort anything out with DOOM. So who knows? Maybe he’ll dig them out for a KMD album?


Enjoying this. Pay what you want on Bandcamp.


Actually… A lot of it is pretty cheesy. Wouldn’t advise paying that much.


Actually… just no. There’s a track about Stella Artois. WTF.


This is great:



New Mozzy album is my aoty so far.


kinda cool way to do this. like I couldn’t imagine a dj premier tiny desk concert going any better than that unless he brought the actual rappers in. thinking out loud by maybe he shoulda brought M.O.P. in just to verbally ransack the joint, I’ve decided this was a missed opportunity now.


Having a hard time picking out favs cos the whole thing is of a universal mind and sound. Sleep Walkin hook is so classic though, cramming so much in there, peak mozzy wordplay.

MIP Jacka is beautiful


few heavy joints on the new A$AP Ferg mixtape


also following flower boy with some bars:


the energy noticably drops at French’s part mind


What’s the hive mind view of Brockhampton? Loved the singles from saturation but the lp itself left me feeling underwhelmed. Too many weird ballads not enough Bangers.


that’s just a live band MOP gig, but I’d pay good money to see that anyway


Saturation II > Saturation


Philaflava Take It Personal podcast West Coast special


Anyone been listening to Lil B - Black Ken?! What a record.


… And Saturation III was already anounced <3


personal jag, be nice :koala: