2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread







Props to Trae the Truth


Think they’re improving with every release. A bit inconsistent and the Saturation albums kind of sound more like playlists of various artists, but there’s something cool about hearing a group of kids just messing about and finding their sound. Can end up being more rewarding than the actual end product (most of Odd Future’s stuff, for example)


Thinking about kicking off a hip hop listening club thread on new-DiS. Any interest?


Yes. Colour me interested.


Yeah I’m IN.


I too am IN


Yeah, go on then.


Benny and Daringer…

Also enjoying new Vic $pencer - Blessed


MF DOOM and Westside Gunn, eh? I’m assuming it’ll be a handful of emailed in DOOM verses, but still be cool to hear over Alchemist and Daringer beats.


on with it then


Off to throw down to these guys tonight

Plus Rodney P and DJ Skitz.


Second proper album out today from Rapsody - Laila’s Wisdom
It sounds stellar on first listen.


Whilst thinking about music for the listening club, I stumbled across this. Remember seeing the Kickstarter and had totally forgotten about it. Anyway, ended up watching the whole thing and it’s really interesting. Loads of indie rappers talking about what happens once you start approaching 40.

Slug, J-Zone, Masta Ace, Evidence, Esoteric and loads of others. It’s actually quite sad.


Six tracks in and love love loving it so far.


Far and away her most cohesive release. I adore her.


That bass on Power has me grinning :heart_eyes:


Looking forward to checking this at the weekend. Lots of tasty looking features too