2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Not sure why Oooh Wee had to be included again though? Not even close be being the best track on Crown. Is it just cause everyone (myself included) is high on Anderson Paak ATM?


Yeah that caught me off-guard. Personally can only take paak on small doses. I guess it’s just surfing the hype


Anyone seen Mos Def live in recent times? Playing near me on Friday but tickets are really expensive…


was supposed to see him last year, but he didn’t bother turning up


Yeah, went to a Black on Both Sides in its entirety show a couple of years ago in which he arrived about an hour and a half after stage times and didn’t perform Black on Both Sides on its entirety, spent most of the show rearranging a banner on the decks and mumbling.

Left early, possibly my biggest gig disappointment of all time.


Ouch :(. That sounds horrible. Fuck that then


Aye, I’ve been tempted a couple of times since when he’s been over just incase I caught him on a particularly off-night especially since other people I know who’ve seen him have raved about it but fuck taking that risk for like £45 or whatever he’s charging.


Saw him in Kentish Town late last year, might have been early this year, for what was supposed to be his final show lol. It was better than Ant’s experience but not especially memorable. He was 45 mins late so sounds like that’s standard.


A mate of mine runs a clothes distribution company, and Mos Def is notorious for getting his management to try to arrange “meet and greets” in exchange for free stuff when he’s in London.


i saw him at Woo Hah festival and he was great. he was clearly a bit drunk and having a great time. smahsed through loads of hits and a few karaoke style renditions of other people’s songs and then the band played diamonds and pearls by Prince in response to being told to get off the stage by the organisers

inside scoop:


judging from that video though there clearly is no band so maybe he wasn’t the only one who was a bit smashed :sweat_smile:


Classic. DOOM appears to have sacked off the rest of that Adult Swim series.


Fond memories of the time I went to see him play in the basement of the TEA building and it was just some random bloke wearing as mask.


sure you all saw this on facebook today but it fucking cracked me up


Should have known he didn’t have 15 tracks worth of material. Lazy ass motherfucker


Bodak Yellow is fucking great innit


Also Love by Makonnen :heart:


not talking to you til you join the hip hop listening club thread :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ha sorry man I’ve been out of the loop… will get on it!


in recent great Thugger video news from two very different ends of the spectrum:

this girls gone wild VHS vid with Future is brilliant

this video from his new project with Carnage is amazing in it’s own right, dizzying camera trickery