2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Like the beat a lot. I think Daringer did this one, and Alchemist is doing the other.
Very generic DOOM verse.


solid track, heavy streetwear influence… I’m fckin with it


quite like DOOM’s verse it’s so slow and sludgy


i feel like Swae Lee is slowly becoming number one hits man, didnt really see that coming first time I heard No Type

this sounds big


Sounds very similar to


not a bad thing, mind.


Guys from (amongst other things) Fatlace magazine are doing a book of hip hop promo items. Just backed it, as I really need more books to leaf through once then leave gathering dust on a shelf.



Missed this drop from a couple of weeks ago


Semi-JAG, but I’m driving Baltimore rapper Height Keech (and hopefully backing him up with some organ) on his upcoming UK tour. Starting next week.

18th Oct - MONO, Falmouth
19th Oct - Studio Bar, Penzance
20th Oct - Surrey Vaults, Bristol
21st Oct - Old Morgue, Plymouth
22nd Oct - Afternoon in-store at Vinyl Deptford, London
23rd Oct - The Islington, London


full 10/10 OG points for that observation


Realised Camp Lo have stayed pretty busy after seeing them promoting a new album today. put a free three part mixtape series out over the past two years

love this beat:



Eminem 5 minute Donald Trump diss BET cypher…


Not an em fan but fair enough.


thanks, didnt know about these, just downloaded


This new OMB Peezy EP is cool: https://open.spotify.com/album/7n6w26WTIaCgm6j3nPlKiN

All Cardo produced.Feel like he’s been one of the more consistently enjoyable producers of the last couple of years.

Another recent project he produced recently for G Perico/Jay Worthy: https://open.spotify.com/album/15oeZ9mKHW36fB7CVwW7Au


I fux wit dis


Whole album is great actually.


Enjoying this…

Black Noi​$​e & Navy Blue - Soul Golden


far too tired for work so catching up on radio freestyles

this is a great pairing

didn’t expect one of my favourite rap freestyles (of the year) to come from a reggae artist


Fuck man, that Black Thought and Method Man one :fire: