2017 Rolling Hip-Hop Thread


Nice one, I’ll have to check it out.

Also likewise on Pilot Talk @Fintans_Cat, I was at uni at the time and living with a guy who did literally nothing except get high - seemed a fitting soundtrack. Great Stalley verse on Address (there’s another one who’s dropped of the radar).



Yeah, had a little Stalley phase off the back of that. Liked Lincoln Way Nights title track a lot




Stalley popped up on that last Westside Gunn album. Was wondering what had happened to him.


Yeh these are kinda lost gems at this point. he’s put out about 25 releases since so it kinda dampens his overall output. Dude is BUSY. Not sure anyone (of note) has released as much as him over the last few years. He released an album per month over the back half of last year i think


Nothing like a 30 mixtape series to get people interested again


It’s funny, I figured I was the only one who felt this way. Given the level of social consciousness in their music and interviews, I didn’t expect them to be using the word “bitch” so frequently in their lyrics. In 2016 / 2017, the use of the word almost feels passé.


Yeah, it’s a weird one. Like, you have to do a little digging into modern feminism to start realising the importance of language and how this can systematically reinforce social biases, but ‘bitch’ is really surface-level stuff as far as that goes. Doesn’t take a genius to work that one out.

And yeah, the fact that they are otherwise ‘socially conscious’ feels like it matters in how I perceive this. @xylo what’s Watsky’s take on this?



This really is the worst music. Though this surprised me, looking at his catalogue, his 2014 album had not one but THREE features by man of the moment Anderson.Paak before Venice was even released. Ahead of the curve!


His live band is called Creme Fraiche


:joy: :joy: :joy:

Any minor credibility that affiliation might have brought him immediately revoked. :smirk:


found this amusing. can’t believe they still spend 100,000 dollars on music videos these days (supposedly)


actually one of the most memorable music videos I’ve seen for ages


yeah it’s fucking great


Mahatma X - check these out

If you like Dilla beats… have a release out on vinyl next month but the following is on spotify. Some great instrumentals and sampling, short tracks like Dilla - but with an emcee on occasional tracks who’s really great. The following is a mixtape from last year, available for free on Bandcamp, or through Spotify. Blown me away today.

“Mahatma X was formed in 2013, initially as an instrumental beat-tape project by producer MALK in St. Andrews, Scotland. He would later be joined in Philadelphia by Jhana Gumption as live drummer and Jahred as MC. The group mixes live instrumentation with samples to create Hip-Hop reminiscent of its golden age.”


Anyone into any UK hip hop (as opposed to Grime)?

Just got into Ocean Wisdom who has one of the most ridiculous flows I’ve ever heard:

Any more for any more?


Not really. Maybe I’m being too dismissive but have always found it kind of cringeworthy, though a lot of that is due to the people who champion it, who are often the worst of the “real hip-hop” types. Admittedly my dislike of it has meant I’ve never delved too deep.

Have been listening to 808Ink a bit recently. They’re from Deptford so have that distinctive south London sound (is that a thing? I think it’s a thing) and kind of blur the boundary between grime and hip-hop. Worth a go.


Aye, same here really has always seemed a bit “preachy” from a distance but the first five tracks or so on that Ocean Wisdom record are fucking ridiculous. Will check out this 808Ink as well, ta.